7 quick and simple hacks to keep your home cool this summer

It’s summer time again and temperatures are only going to climb higher. While there’s not much you can do about the rest of the places you frequent – like the office or grocery store or parks and other public places, you can certainly ensure that your home becomes cooler without great effort or inflated electricity bills.


1. Filter-in the sunlight and ventilation – The most obvious reason for heat at home in the summers is the temperature outside. So, block it out, to the extent that you feel will make the house comfortable. Draw the blinds in rooms that receive harsh and direct sunlight. You could even spray these with water to ensure that it keeps the heat out. Keeping potted plants at strategic locations near windows and entrances to the home also assists you in your battle against the heat.


2. Cooling fragrances – Soak towels in chilled water, scented with rose or jasmine or any other fragrance that you fancy. Then leave these coiled up in decorative porcelain or crystal bowls around the house. The evaporating water will cool down the room and the fragrance wafting around your home will make it feel still cooler.

3. Cucumber slumber – While literally putting slices of cucumber on your eyelids while you nap will ensue that your eyes get cooled and distressed, here’s something you can do to give the rest of your body a similar feeling: put your sheets in the freezer (in a zip lock bag, of course, to pre-empt odours of food seeping in) for a couple of hours before you go to bed. Then spread them over your matrices and cover with them too. This will ensure that you drift into a cucumber slumber.

4. Rock in a hammock – Another way to ensure that you remain cool all night long is to set up a hammock in your bedroom and use it instead of your bed. This will allow your body to dispel its heat faster.

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