How to Lower your Electricity Bill

Action #1 — Go Solar!

  The most obvious & the most effective way to lower your electric bill is by going solar. Definitely, installing the solar panels would cost you probably 10 ten times your average monthly electricity bill, but that’s a onetime cost. If spending that kind of money in one go is something that your family is not comfortable with then you could opt for solar leasing without having to purchase the entire system. This would allow you to save about Rs. 36,000 annually according to recent studies Luckily the only energy required to run your solar panels is free of cost worldwide. The Sun. It’s time to make the move  

Action #2 — Switch To LEDs!

  Apart from going Solar, what your next best option would be is switching on to Finolex LEDs and boycotting the traditional incandescent bulbs.   No doubt, CFLs were the hot green option for lighting back in the days. Today, the cost of highly efficient Finolex LEDs is economical and also probably your best efficient green lighting at reduced costs.   Another aspect is the content of Mercury in the bulbs. The mercury present in CFLs lead to pollution from coal power plants. On the other hand LEDs work on a completely different technology and have no content of mercury.  

Action #3 — Cut Your AC

  Air conditioners are one of the root causes for an extremely high and increased electricity bill. The main reason to that is simply because when nature gives you sunshine you require an A/C and when it gives you a cold and chilly weather you look towards your heater. Many a times when you come home from a hot day you tend to decrease the A/C temperature to the least possible, eventually ending up putting on an extra layer of clothes and paying a fortune to freeze yourself. Rather than paying a fortune to freeze yourself, or even to keep it cooler than your body really needs, lower your electric bill by simply raising your thermostat along with switching on Finolex Fan. Blowing air on yourself takes a lot less energy than turning hot air into cold air.

Action #4 — Don’t Use Electricity When You’re Not Using It

We tend to keep electronics plugged in most of the time even if we don’t use them. This includes TVs, computers, DVD players, toaster ovens, and much more. These things are consuming electricity even when you are not using them. All you need to do is unplug these things when you aren’t going to use them for a while.  

Action #5 — Have An Old Fridge? Ditch It

Refrigerators are another roots cause to an increased electricity bill. If you’re using a fridge which is outdated and old it’s time to shift to a new one. In fact, if you have multiple fridges of any age, consider scaling back to just one. Refrigerators are big energy consumers. They eat up electricity like Homer Simpson eats up donuts. Chances are, you need much less space in the refrigerator than you think. Look into it, give it some thought, and scale back. If you just have one refrigerator but it’s really old, you may still end up saving money by upgrading to a new one. Look into it. Do the math. Or at least have a math-loving friend do it for you.  

Action #6 — Move

  Moving isn’t always the best option to solve your household problems, but sometimes it is. Moving into a smaller place or moving to a newer and more energy-efficient place could be a good solution for you. Lets get to work now and start saving Electricity. First thing first go to nearest Finolex Distributor and ask for a Finolex Fan and Finolex LED  

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