• 24 /Feb, 2018

7 Ways to Hide Wiring in Houses

It has always been difficult to find a balance between functionality & looks when it comes to electrical work at home. Where we need appliances & wires suiting the interiors of our homes, we cannot even compromise on the functionality & convenience of the same. No matter how good-looking, neat and tidy your house is, a bundle of wires can instantly make it look clumsy. No one would give a bad impression about their little place of paradise with a bunch of wires hanging from here and there.

But there are some novel ideas about how to hide these eyesores in your home:

• Some cord clips will help you tuck the wires behind a desk or table

• Your router can stay inside a decorative box

• If you are creative, you could make some interesting skirtboards and stick them to the wall. The narrow passage behind the board is where you can tuck in the wires.

• Disguise the wires inside paintable board covers

• Place a power strip inside the drawer of a nightstand where you can charge your mobile phones

• If you don’t want to drill the walls, you could hide your mounted LED TV cords inside a rod

• If you can’t hide them, then decorate them with colourful beads

These are just a few, you can innovate many other ways to hide wires at home. If you are creative and like to innovate, you could find a unique method to disguise ugly wires in your home.


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