• 24 /Feb, 2018

Energy Saving Control Devices for Residential Use

Safety and energy-efficiency are of utmost importance when it comes to controlling devices for homes. The focus nowadays is on high-quality products that are both energy-saving and are designed to meet customer requirements. Modern devices come with user-friendly features that are designed to meet customer convenience.

Even Power Distribution:

• ACCL devices are designed to manage power distribution evenly

• They help limit the flow of current ensuring that the power from the generator is used rationally among all the users

• These tools provide energy-efficient solutions to multiple users

Safe Interchange:

• MCB changeovers help in smooth and safe interchange of electricity from the supply to the generator, and vice versa

• These devices come with a whole range of features that are useful for safe and convenient operation

• Time switches interchange loads automatically in real time, based on a preset schedule to help conserve energy and enhance user comfort

• These types of control devices for residential application are not just safe, energy-efficient and convenient, they also eliminate the problems of manual changeovers, making it a smart choice for every customer. Their features make electricity distribution and usage convenient and safe


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