• 24 /Feb, 2018

Evolution of Fans

Fans have existed for over a millennium. Egyptians used lotus leaves as fans. Greeks and Romans liked peacock feathers. The electrical fan was introduced in 1882 and has evolved over time.

Let’s look at how one of the most essential electrical wonder has evolved over a period of time.

1734 – Frenchman John Theophilus Desagulier invents the paddle fan to ventilate mines.

1882 – Schuyler Skaats Wheeler invents the electric fan taking help of the infant science of electricity. He invented the desktop fan with two blades.

1889 – Philip H. Diehl patents the ceiling fan after he mounted a fan blade on sewing machine motor and installing the whole unit on the ceiling.

1894 – German professor Hermann Rietchel publishes Guide to Calculating and Design of Ventilation and Heating Installations.

1896 – Fans with more than two blades are produced.

1904 – Oscillating fan debuts when Diehl and Co put a split-ball joint on the ceiling fan allowing it to be redirected.

1910 – Westinghouse marketing an electric fan for household use claiming that electricity usage would cost one-fourth of a penny per hour.

1934 – Self-contained window fans using plastic instead of metal were introduced by Vent-Axia.

1937 – A new plastic laminate for coating fan blades called Micarta, made fans quieter and less likely to corrode.

Over the decades, fans have evolved into aesthetic decorative pieces for homes apart from their cooling functions. They are available in different kinds of designs to suit the interiors. Some also have aesthetic lights to add the mystic ambience to your space. Moving away from switchboards and regulators, modern fans can also be controlled remotely.


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