• 24 /Feb, 2018

Top Considerations for Designing the Perfect Lighting for Commercial Spaces

The radiance of the workplace impacts the mind, interest and enthusiasm of employees. The perfect lighting solution in an office should illuminate the work area adequately without glare and shadows. While illuminating a corporate space, you must consider some factors –

The perfect lighting for that flawless ambience:

• The lighting plan must effectively illuminate different types of spaces that coexist under one roof

• The lamp life, lumen maintenance, efficiency, daylight integration, flexibility and cost are important considerations

• Fixtures should blend well with the interiors of the office

• Lighting fixtures in commercial spaces need to be practical but also stylish yet modest and flexible in shape, size and finish

Cost-effective lights:

• Extensive illumination of a workplace adds to operational costs

• It’s sensible to invest in high-quality cost-effective lights that are energy-saving in the long run

Energy-saving solutions for a better environment:

• Organisations today, are on the lookout for sustainable energy solutions with a positive, eco-friendly impact

• The lighting industry is progressing towards sustainability through LED-based fixtures. These lights are not only energy-efficient but also require less maintenance and provide better radiance

User health and wellbeing of equal importance:

• International standards like WELL and LEED, stress a lot on human aspects such as health, wellbeing and comfort before designing a new structure

• In lighting, some of these aspects include lighting design, circadian lighting design, glare control, luminance reduction, colour quality, surface design, automated dimming controls, and daylight modelling

• The right type of lighting in a workplace, directly results in higher productivity of employees


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