• 24 /Feb, 2018

Workings of Electrical Wiring for the Home Owner

Often, what appears simple from the outside becomes too complex from within. Electrical wiring in your house is probably the most evident example of this. While setting up the wiring in a new home, keep in mind some basics that help keep your house hazard-free.

The Mains Electric Supply to your House:

• The main electric supply to any house comprises a three-core wiring system – the live, neutral and earth

• The brown or red active (live) wire brings in the current, blue neutral wire takes current back and the green, or yellow, earth wire is joined to a metal plate installed deep within the earth

• Electricity is supplied to circuits of 15amp for appliances of high power rating and 5amp for those with low power rating

The Right Wire for the Right Use:

• The selection of wires must be compatible with the power usage of an appliance

• Wires are made of copper or aluminium, and are a single conductor of electricity

• A wire can be solid or stranded

• A solid wire is appropriate for higher frequencies

• Stranded wires are used for flexibility

Insulated wires, a must:

• Insulating wires is an important preventive hence using insulating wires like Heat Resistant Wire (HR), Fire Resistant Wire (FR) & Low Smoke Wires (FRLS)  help to withstand fires & prevent other electric hazards

All wiring in a new house should conform to the latest safety standards. Using ISI-certified wires and cables is the most sensible decision for a safe and happy home.


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