• 05 /March, 2018

Tips for choosing the perfect fan

Fans, also known as air circulators, are the most commonly preferred household device that provides a quick cooling solution for summer months. And when it comes to fans, India being a tropical country has diverse needs and as a result we have variety of fans available to us nowadays!

Some of the most popular types of fans include –

  • Ceiling fans
  • Designer fans
  • Pedestal fans
  • High speed fans

But with so many options available in the market, to choose the perfect fan is still a challenging task. To choose a fan, we need to look at each and every aspect before making the final choice. Below are the tips to keep in mind while purchasing a fan –

1. Location is vital

A fan needs to be bought as per the requirement of the room as the placement of the fan is the most important factor for making a room cooler.

2. Match the décor of the room

Today, a fan is more than an air circulating machine and is used to enhance the décor of the room. The consumers these days look for fans that are stylish and powerful that add value to their room.

3. Looks matter but performance matters the most

Moving air is noisy, so powerful fans with larger blades cool the room quickly but are louder. Finolex fans boast of ‘High Air Delivery’ and ‘Noiseless Performance’ as they have sturdy blades and elegant bases.

4. Choose the speed of the fan wisely

Usually, fans don’t rotate at the maximum speed. The speed is regulated as per the temperature. However, if you are still using the old rheostat regulators, then the electricity consumption will be high as the speed gets reduced. So, it is wise to invest in a new regulator, if needed, and select the fan speed properly for a significant reduction in the bill.


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