• 05 /Mar, 2018

Tips for cleaning the ceiling fans

When was the last time you cleaned your ceiling fan? Every once in a while, your ceiling fans need to cleaned and maintained like any other household appliance for optimal performance and longevity. But cleaning a really dusty ceiling fan can be intimidating and if you’ve tried cleaning it with standard tools, then you know it is not an easy task. But not to worry, here are some tips and tricks to clean your fan without knocking all the dust on the floor.

Step 1 – Tools required – Ladder, pillowcase and dump bag

The first and foremost step is to climb up the ladder and keep your cleaning equipment handy. As you reach the blade of the fan, take your pillowcase and put it around the blade. Then, as you pull the pillowcase slowly off the blade, just wipe all the dirt from the top and make sure it falls into the pillowcase and not on the floor. Repeat this step, in the same manner wipe all the dust from the other blades of the fan. As you have wiped the dust from the blades, use the rag to further clean each and every blade.

Step 2 – Clean the tools

After cleaning the fan properly, you have to clean the equipment, so they can be used further. Take the dirt from the pillowcase and dump all the dirt collected. Turn it inside out and shake the pillowcase to get rid of the residue. Wash the pillowcase inside out and let it air dry for next time use. As per your requirement, repeat this process for quick and messy-free cleaning experience.


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