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Does Your Ceiling Fan Looks Cool While Keeping You Cool?
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The Ceiling Fan: a tale as old as time, yet intrinsic to the Indian summers in a way few things are. It may look innocuous but it keeps you cool, both literally and metaphorically. It brings a smile to your face, even as you strive to block out the lingering heat of the summer sun, […]

How to Lower your Electricity Bill
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Action #1 — Go Solar!   The most obvious & the most effective way to lower your electric bill is by going solar. Definitely, installing the solar panels would cost you probably 10 ten times your average monthly electricity bill, but that’s a onetime cost. If spending that kind of money in one go is […]

7 quick and simple hacks to keep your home cool this summer
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It’s summer time again and temperatures are only going to climb higher. While there’s not much you can do about the rest of the places you frequent – like the office or grocery store or parks and other public places, you can certainly ensure that your home becomes cooler without great effort or inflated electricity […]

How to Hide Wiring Behind Baseboard or Install a Raceway
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Running Wire Behind a Baseboard: Removing Baseboard To avoid the difficult and costly work involved in repairing walls and matching texture and paint, one way to run a cable in a wall is behind the baseboard. The patch work will be concealed behind the baseboard and will not require a drywall expert to make a […]

How to Decorate Switch Plates and Electrical Covers Using Washi Tape
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Gather Materials If you need to buy new switch plates and cover, know that they’re cheap. The plastic models at the store are sometimes priced as low as 25-cents each. Instead of decoupaging (a popular approach for this craft) we purchased four rolls of tape. Between in-store sales and a few coupons, they cost less […]