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7 quick and simple hacks to keep your home cool this summer
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It’s summer time again and temperatures are only going to climb higher. While there’s not much you can do about the rest of the places you frequent – like the office or grocery store or parks and other public places, you can certainly ensure that your home becomes cooler without great effort or inflated electricity […]

How to Hide Wiring Behind Baseboard or Install a Raceway
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Running Wire Behind a Baseboard: Removing Baseboard To avoid the difficult and costly work involved in repairing walls and matching texture and paint, one way to run a cable in a wall is behind the baseboard. The patch work will be concealed behind the baseboard and will not require a drywall expert to make a […]

How to Decorate Switch Plates and Electrical Covers Using Washi Tape
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Gather Materials If you need to buy new switch plates and cover, know that they’re cheap. The plastic models at the store are sometimes priced as low as 25-cents each. Instead of decoupaging (a popular approach for this craft) we purchased four rolls of tape. Between in-store sales and a few coupons, they cost less […]