Finvul-X Power & Control Cables

Product Description

Finolex has developed a special grade XLPE compounds Finvul-X & Finopower to be used as the insulating material suitable for LT & HT cables. The increasing demand of Power Voltage Cables has necessitated the development of a cable insulant which has a combination of excellent dielectric properties, non hygroscopic nature of polyethylene and higher operating temperature.

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The XLPE (cross-linked polyethylene) insulation meets all these necessary properties. Finopower XLPE insulated HT Cables and Finvul-X LT Power Cables have excellent dielectric, thermal, mechanical & chemical properties. The various advantages of using Finopower and Finvul-X Cables are given below:
  • Higher Current Rating: Withstands continuous conductor temperature of 90°C higher current carry capacity
  • Higher Short Circuit Rating: Can withstand conductor temperatures of up to 250°C during a short circuit
  • Higher Overload Capacity: These cables can operate even at 130°C during emergency, unlike PVC Cables which cannot operate beyond 120°C. Thus in case of emergency, cables can withstand overload for a limited time duration
  • Lighter in weight, smaller bending radius, the cables require less support, lower installation
  • Lower Di-electric constant and power factor – Results in saving in power losses which means saving in costs
  • Better impact, abrasion, corrosion
  • Easier jointing and termination
  • Discharge-free HT Cable: Negligible level of Partial Discharge values. We confirm PD value as < 1 pC (max), as against allowable limit of 5 pC as per IS 7098 Part 11/2011
  • True Triple Extrusion Line for HT cable: (Not 1+2 Tandem Extrusion Line) with single cross head in a most modern CCV (Continuous Centenary Vulcanising) plant
  • Preheating of conductor of HT cables to remove the dust and moisture before extrusion for proper bonding between semicon and XLPE Layers and also to avoid heat shock during extrusion
  • Completely Dry Curing Process for HT cables under inert gas (Nitrogen) for a contamination and void free cable
  • SIKORA X-Ray: Most modern online monitoring system for continuously measuring and controlling thickness of insulation, core diameter and eccentricity for a perfect HT cable with reduced stress levels
  • Automatic pneumatic system for special contamination free material handling of insulating and semi-conducting compound in a dry and clinically clean environment for HT cables
  • For HT cables, special internal check like microscopic inspection for imperfections in Di-electric, optimisation of curing of Di-electric and check for bonding strength of semi-conducting layers with XLPE


 Dielectric Constant  2.35
 Dielectric strength  kV/mm  22
 Volume Resistivity at 27 °C  Ohm-cm  1014
 Thermal Resistivity  °C cm/W  350
 Power factor at maximum conductor temperature  –  0.008
 Nominal conductor operating temperature  °C  90
 Emergency overload temperature  °C  130


Finopower XLPE Cables are manufactured and tested as per IS: 7098 (Part 2): 2011. Finvul-X XLPE Cables are manufactured and tested as per IS: 7098 (Part 1): 1988.


Conductors are made from Electrolytic grade highly pure aluminium and copper conforming to IS 8130-2013 and are circular or compact circular/sector shaped. Up to 10 sq. mm. conductor will be solid and above will be stranded.


Finvul-X cables are specially manufactured with high dielectric grade cross-linked polyethylene for insulation and is applied by extrusion process.


The cores are identified by different colours :  
Two core Red, black
Three core Red, yellow, blue
Three and half core Red, yellow, blue and reduced neutral core in black
Four core Red, yellow, blue, black
Five core Red, yellow, blue, black and grey
Six core and above Two adjacent cores (counting and direction core) in each layer blue and yellow, remaining cores grey


In multicore cables, cores are laid up as per the above colour scheme.


Laid up cores are bedded over with thermoplastic material for protection against mechanical damage.


Armouring is provided over the inner sheath to guard against mechanical damage. Armouring is generally of galvanised steel wires or strips. In single core cables, used in AC system, armouring is by non-magnetic hard drawn aluminium wires. Round steel wires are used where the diameter over the inner sheath does not exceed 13 mm, above 13 mm flat steel strip armour is used. Round wire of different sizes can also be provided against specific request.


Specially-formulated heat resistant black PVC compound ST2 type as per IS 5831:1984 and is extruded to form the jacket. Finolex also offers specially-formulated Flame Retardant (FR) / Flame Retardant Low Smoke (FRLS) compound for jacket used in fire hazardous environment.


In addition to all tests required as per IS 7098 (Part I) 1988, Finvul-X cables are subjected to a number of in-house tests at every stage of production. Incoming raw material is also tested thoroughly to ensure consistency of quality.


As per IS 7098 (Part I) & (Part II), the codes are :  
Aluminium conductor A A
Copper conductor
Finvul-X isulation 2X 2X
Steel round wire armour W W
Steel strip armour F F
Steel double round wire armour WW WW
Steel double strip armour FF FF
PVC jacket Y Y
Copper tape/wire screening CE
Non-magnetic round wire armour Wa Wa
Non-magnetic strip armour Fa Fa
Polyethylene outer sheath 2Y


Finolex provides continuous length of 500/1000 metres ± 5% for single/multi-core armoured and unarmoured cables up to 400 Sizes above 400 are generally packed in 250 metres ± 5%. The cables are progressive sequentially marked on every 1 metre length for ease of length mesurement.


Finvul-X cables are wound on sturdy, non-returnable wooden drums built to withstand the weight of the cable as well as handling abuses. Each drum is marked with particulars required under IS 7098 (Part I) 1988. Steel drums can be offered on special request.