Premises Cables – Spiral Armoured Flexible Fibre Optic Cable

Product Description


  • Suitable for Indoor & Outdoor Application
  • Suitable for Fibre to the Antenna (FTTA)
  • Squirrel & Rodent Proof
  • Defence Application
1 or 2 fibre tight coated with nylon or LSZH is placed in spiral armour tube with aramid yarn as peripheral strength member and LSZH/HDPE as outer sheath.
Cable Description 1F/2F Spiral Armoured Cable
Type of Fibre G.652D, G.657, OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4
Anti rodent
Highly flexible
Light weight
Simple and fast installation
Easy for termination
Low bend radius
No. of Fibres 1F/2F Tight Coated
Fibre Colour Natural/or coloured as Blue, Orange
Strength Member Aramid Yarn
Sheath Low Smoke Zero Halogen/HDPE
Sheath Colour Black or As per requirement
 Cable Mechanical Characteristics  Physical Characteristics
 Tensile Strength Cable Dimensions
 Installation  400N
 Operation  300N  O D  1F – 3.0 ± 0.2 mm
 Minimum Bending Radius  50 mm  2F – 4.8 ± 0.2 mm
 Crush Resistance  3000N/ 100×100  Cable Length per drum  In multiples of 50 Metre
Printing: The jacket will be marked with Contrast colour inkjet printing at the intervals of every metre. Details as per requirement.
Shipping: Cable will be shipped on reels or in coils.