• 24/ Feb, 2019

5 uses of MCBs you didn’t know of


Be it your home, factory or office, one of the most important requirements for its proper functioning is a well-established electrical system.  Every household equipment and machinery requires a large amount of energy, and hence there is a need to keep safety measures in mind when it comes to electricity. Voltage fluctuations due to power surges can be extremely hazardous and dangerous. With the advancement in technology, new mechanisms have been invented to curb power fluctuations in electrical systems. One such mechanism is that of an MCB – a Miniature Circuit Breaker.

Miniature circuit breakers are tiny devices that act as controlling agents during an unusual supply of power. This mechanism cuts off an electrical system as soon as it detects an overload or a power surge. Generally, it used as a replacement for a fuse. Depending upon the nature of the electrical applications, various types of MCBs can be incorporated in your residences and industries. Ideally, miniature breaker circuits (miniature circuit breakers) are an excellent solution for homes and buildings with less equipment.  Here are a few effective uses of MCBs you didn’t know of.

  1. Home Electrical Panels

Miniature circuit breakers are used to safeguard homes from overload. Due to their capacity to handle large amounts of electricity, they are much reliable and safer than a fuse. One of the greatest advantages of an MCB is that it ensures equal distribution of electrical energy across all the devices. There will be lesser instances of power fluctuations inside the house.

  1. Lights

Every household has an extensive lighting system. Miniature circuit breakers can play an important role in the effective distribution of electricity across all the lighting systems of the house. For instance, the operation of fluorescent lamps requires huge amounts of electricity as compared to normal light bulbs. This is where MCBs come to the rescue. Additionally, MCBs help in maintaining the quality and safety of light bulbs.

  1. Industrial Applications

Miniature circuit breakers can be used as an effective safety mechanism in small scale as well as large scale industries. Ideally, most of the machinery in industries require up to 30 kA of power supply. In such a case, there is a need to switch to MCBs from old fuses. In commercial establishments, MCBs play a major role in maintaining the efficiency of the applications and installations by optimising its energy flow. They are widely used in hotels, supermarkets and bakeries.

  1. Heaters

MCBs are a dependable safety solution especially if you have installed heaters in your home or office. Generally, it is seen that heaters develop high voltage fluctuations easily as it draws a huge amount of power from the main supply. But with an effective installation of a miniature circuit breaker, these scenarios can be avoided. There are various types of miniature circuit breakers, and each type can handle a particular load of power.


  1. Ground Fault Trip Mechanism

A miniature circuit breaker can be easily used along with a ground fault or arc fault mechanism. A ground fault occurs when a live wire comes in contact with a transmitter surface that is not a part of the circuit system. In such a case, the rate of current flow increases with a fault in the circuit. At this stage, an MCB initiates its magnetic tripping mechanism and rectifies the circuit system.

Effective installation of miniature circuit breakers can ensure safety and protection of all the electrical systems across households and industries. Make sure you use a Finolex MCB for improving the overall management of the power supply in the circuit.

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