• 05 /March, 2018

LED – Technology for future lighting (advantages to the environment)

Taking care of the environment is the responsibility of every individual. Most of us are already aware of the environment-friendly processes such as recycling, proper disposal of waste and adoption of environment-friendly ways to reduce the problem of environmental pollution. However, a lot of people are still unaware of technological advancements and wish to continue with the old ways of living. If we talk in terms of lighting technology, then shifting to LED lighting is a good example as it has many environmental advantages.

LED’s are Energy-Efficient

In this fast moving and expensive world – everybody thinks of saving. LED lights are up to 80% energy-efficient than the fluorescent and incandescent lights. The wastage is only 5% as heat in LED’s and 95% of the energy gets converted into light. In terms of power consumption, LED’s draw much less power than the traditional light. A traditional light consumes 84 watts to produce the same light that the LED’s produce in 36 watts. Less energy use reduces the demand from power plants and thus helps in decreasing the greenhouse gas emission.


A longer lifespan means lower carbon emission. Switching to LED lights mean that one is sorted for the next five years as they enjoy good lifespan.


LED Light are more environment friendly as they are 80% more efficient than traditional lighting solution. There is a 95% conversion of energy into light and only a mere amount of 5% is wasted as heat. Hence, they consume less electricity, reducing the demand of power and decreases green house gas emissions.

Switch to Better Lighting Technology

As compared to the traditional lighting, the LED lights have better quality of lighting distribution. They focus light in one direction whereas the fluorescent and incandescent lights waste energy by emitting lights in all directions. This means the LED’s are the smart and the future of lighting technology as fewer lights strive to provide better quality and reduce the energy consumption with an aim to benefit the environment.


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