• 27/Aug, 2018

Switch to Energy Saving Finolex Battens for a Smart Home

Environment-friendly and durable, besides these, LED lights have multiple other benefits. LED lights have only recently been made available commercially for domestic use. Prior to that, our choice was limited to the fluorescent tube lights, the incandescent bulb and the CFL bulb. For numerous advantages, especially for being energy-efficient, most governments, commercial buildings and residential homes have moved from fluorescent tube lights to LED ones.  Let us understand both their distinct features and their comparison.

LED Batten Lights : LED batten lights are energy-efficient, environment-friendly (no toxic chemicals are used), produces less heat, maintenance-free and are more durable as compared to fluorescent tube lights. Also, LED batten lights provide uniform lighting with its sleek design and offer significant savings on account of low voltage and less power consumption. The best part about LEDs is that its light remains constant, but, it is possible to dim them manually.

The LED technology is more sophisticated than fluorescent, incandescent or halogen lights. These lights are best to be used in schools, hospitals, factories and commercial/residential area with high ceilings.

Fluorescent Tube Lights : Fluorescent tube lights have a lower lifespan and emit lesser light than LEDs and they get dimmer over time. They incur cost due to maintenance. These lights use more power than LEDs and produce a huge amount of heat and UV radiation. Also, it flickers a lot when turned on, which can create an uncomfortable surrounding.

In fluorescent lights, toxic chemicals like neon, if it gets leaked, can contaminate the environment. Another disadvantage to the environment is that they are not recyclable due to the chemicals present.

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Why should you switch to Finolex LED battens?

Finolex LED battens are energy-saving, ultra-efficient, durable and long-lasting as compared to conventional T5, T8, T12 fluorescent tube lights. These environment-friendly tube lights are available in 5w, 9w, and 18w variants. In addition to providing uniform lighting, they also offer significant savings on account of voltage, less power consumption and the elimination of frequent replacements. It’s easy-to-install feature makes Finolex LED battens extremely convenient for high ceilings in commercial and residential places.

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Features and Benefits of Finolex LED battens

1) Energy saving up to 90%

2) Environment-friendly, there is no IR or UV emission nor it is made up of any harmful chemicals

3) Long life, of up to 25,000 hours

4) Sleek and compact designs

5) Glare-free soothing lighting solution

6) Protected from unusual voltage fluctuations

7) Uniform illumination

So, make your home a smart home and switch to energy-efficient Finolex LED battens.

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