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Cables and wires are the elements of support system of most industrial applications. They have to be maintained well, or the entire working system comes to a standstill. Even a slight interruption or breakdown can lead to a drop in an industry’s profit margin. Following some basic guidelines and right maintenance will increase the lifespan of your wires.

Let us look at some wire maintenance tips for industrial usage:


Choose Right


Choose the most appropriate cable which is suitable for your industrial usage by acquiring enough knowledge about different kinds of cables that are available in the market. Choose the appropriate cable size recommended for your industry. Also, one should train and educate the staff on periodic maintenance so as to identify the signs if any failure occurs.


Prevention of Damage


Keep a close watch when the wires are being installed. Wires should be laid as straight as possible to avoid any mechanical stress on the conductors. Avoid twisting of wires or making a knot of the cable bunch, while laying the wire at any application, which shall improve the performance of the cable. Prevent any impact, puncture or crushing that could damage the wire jacket. Consult a professional for recommendations on the industrial setting system.


Repairs on time


Check your wires and cables regularly to avoid any major mishaps in the future. Perform repairs immediately if any wires or cables are damaged or found to be on the verge of getting damaged. Crushed and damaged cables should be removed before they can lead to an unsafe condition. There should always be a stock of spare wires or spare wire laid in case of emergency for replacing any damaged ones if a situation arises.


Always maintain records


It is always advisable to maintain repository  of the cables and wires installed in your industry. Installation date of the wires and cables gives an idea about the lifespan of their working. Also, have a record of the cable laying procedure for all future reference. Maintain a record of areas where a breakdown usually occurs.  past failures data,  helps to identify the failures before they happen. Also, the process of replacing or repairing a wire becomes faster. Have a regular analysis of the wires and cables performance.


If you want your industrial system to keep running efficiently and reliably on a continuous basis, regular maintenance of your wires and cables is essential. The guidelines stated above can help you take preventative measures in case of any failure. A routine check on the wires and cables can save you from expensive outages that can set your whole working system out of control.

Finolex Cables is known for the manufacturing of superior quality products which includes cables and wires used for industrial purpose. The wires are ISI marked and approved by FIA/TAC.

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