• 27/July, 2018

Things you do every day that can cause you an electric shock

Safety is a term we often ignore in our day-to-day life. Our ignorance is the main root cause of many accidents we often come across. One such major thing is “Electrical safety”. How many times we actually cared about taking this as a concern? Surely not much! We often ignore basic electrical safety rules without worrying about the consequences.

If you look at the facts and figures, you’ll notice that a majority of fire accidents are caused due to electrical appliances. More than 10,000 people die annually because of electrocution and some of them are even kids below 11 years of age. The prime cause of such accidents is our ignorance towards electrical systems at our home. In general, we research a lot before buying a mobile than we would ever research before buying an electric cable.

Here is a list of 6 things from our day-to-day life that can cause electric shock and should be taken seriously to avoid fatal accidents:

1. Don’t Be The Electrician

Unless you’re a qualified electrician, don’t even try to play with electrical wires. Don’t try to fix a wire that has been broken around for a while or the switch of the geyser that is not working. Get your electrical system inspected regularly. Make sure everything is in its perfect state to be worked upon.

2. Water and Electricity Is a Big No-No

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You must have heard this numerous times, yet we hardly pay attention towards this basic rule for electrical safety. Never touch switchboards or any electrical appliance with wet hands or body. Don’t use any electrical appliance around a wet area. This is one of the prime reasons for many electrical accidents and you MUST take it seriously.

3. Do Not Overload

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Don’t overload power systems by using too many appliances in a common power board. The switchboard you’re using must be shockproof and should be fixed beyond the reach of little kids. Finolex switchboards are excellent on safety factors. If your fuse is dripping frequently due to overloading, it is best to call a skilled professional to deal with such issues.

4. Care about Your Wires

Do not run electrical cords or wires across floors. Call a professional in order to manage their placement so that any unfortunate accident can be avoided. Keep your children and pets away from your cables and wiring system.

5. Shut Down the Main Electricity Supply in Case of any Mishap

For this, you can even install an earth leakage device. Use an MCB that drips automatically if there’s any fault in your electrical system. Switch to Finolex MCB, RCCB for installing safer electrical equipment.

6. Don’t Overuse Electrical Energy

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One must remember that electricity is an energy that we all have to save. Avoid wastage of electricity for the betterment of our future. Use electrical appliances that consume less energy and are safe for the environment. Electrical appliances like bulbs are often filled with harmful gases that affects your overall health and environment, and high electricity bill is also just a consequence of using the wrong electric appliance. Finolex LED can last up to 12 years straight and is free from any harmful gases.

Electricity is undoubtedly the most useful thing that has ever been invented but has its nasty phase which nobody would ever want to turn on. You can’t see, smell or touch it, but it has the power to kill you in a fraction of a second and is no ground to take the risk on. Given that electricity is something we need every day and is found everywhere, it is important to give your electrical appliances and system the respect they deserve. Electrocution is fatal and exists only because of our carelessness.

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