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Light switches are an essential part of the household and often go unnoticed. Highlight the switchboards can enhance the look of your home and add to the design. Decorating the switchboards has become a trend today. You can paint around them by using creative ideas or cover them the arty way! Decorative switchboards are an innovative way of being the perfect trend for your room. So let us look at some ideas that might flip the creative switch!


Washi Tapes Cover DIY


Things you need – Rubbing alcohol, cotton ball, patterns of washi tape, craft knife, scissors, mod podge, foam brush, and light switch plate

  1. Clean the switch plate by applying rubbing alcohol.
  2. Place a washi tape strip across the switching plate at an angle by starting at from a corner. Continue to add the washi tape next to each other until you cover the switch plate.
  3. Remove bubbles if any by running your fingers over it.
  4. Trim the tape from the back and paste the excess to the edge.
  5. Cut the rectangular hole by using a craft knife.
  6. Apply a light coat of mod podge with a foam brush to protect the tap and to wipe off fingerprints.
  7. Once dried completely you can reinstall your switch.

Decorative Stickers


You can either paint or buy decorative and themed stickers. The matte finish is perfect for painted walls, as the decals blend into your wall and reduce the reflection of the lights, making it easier to look at. You can also customize the sizes according to your need.


Painted switch plates


This is one of the cheapest and easiest method to change the look of your switchboard. Flip your creative side and enhance the look of your room. If you aren’t a painter, then you can try abstract painting. Choose colors that will match your décor. Secure the art by adding a layer of hairspray.

Reminder switchboard idea


Do you forget to turn the lights off? How about drawing a little girl and a boy on each end of the switchboard respectively. One of them drawn turning the light off? Drag the point home with an OFF bubble speech. This helps you to remember that a switch must be switched off.

Pistachios Birds


Add some colours around the switchboard by drawing tree branches and little birds. You can use the shells of pistachios to make the colourful birds. Stick these shell on the painted tree branches with a glue gun.

These simple ideas can add a trend to your room. If drawing is trouble, you can also download readymade art and use it. Have a switchboard that tells a story instead of a dull one.

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