10 Décor Ideas To Try In 2020

  • 31/ 01 /2020

You might want to upgrade your home, remodel, or you’re simply moving into a new place. The start of the year is a great time to set the mood for the decade. The year 2020 is set to bring some interesting trends for home décor. Finolex shows you some of the interesting ones that you can bring into your home.

1.Cane Furniture

Rattan, wicker or cane furniture could come back in a great way because of their versatility. Such pieces lend a warm homely feel to your room & at the same time help make the best use of space. The natural look that comes from cane also gives your room the right texture. Cane works great in all kinds of weather or environments and helps keep the unpredictable seasons in check. Combinations with recycled material could also see some interesting ideas come out.

2. Florals & Botanicals

Floral & botanical prints can add some much-needed life into a room. Florals go great on both modern and traditional setups effortlessly. Wall covers, rugs, fabrics, and decor items with these nature-inspired designs can all add vibrant colors to your room. Make sure you have the right amount of lighting and the correct type of lights to bring out the right effects from your floral and botanical decor

3. Textured Walls

Textured walls can help make a space comfy or add depth to a room. With the right lighting and textures, you can create some amazing effects in a room. Textured wall paints can help you customize each room to suit its purpose and your individual liking.

4. Sconces

Lighting serves a functional purpose but can also be used to decorate your rooms. Bedrooms, study rooms, living rooms, and balconies can all have special decorative effects added. Different sconces can be combined with the right lumens and colour of light to create warm comfy spaces. Sconces can also be more practical for smaller spaces or patios

5. Smart Lighting

With LED lights come the options of different strengths, sizes, and colours of lighting. You can create entirely customised moods for each room depending on your liking, and even change the feel of the room according to the time of day, occasion, and season. Be sure to match the right furniture, wall paints, and electrical appliances in each room though as even with the right lighting you can have these out of place and just not have the intended effect on the room. Test out different light setting to see what kind of effect you’re looking for

6. Dark Colours Black is timeless when it comes to style. Black interiors can complement a variety of bold accents. People in colder areas can even opt to paint the exteriors of their homes black. Dark colours like green, purple and blue can also be great alternatives for black if you’re not a fan of the colour. Black can help make spaces cosier, especially if paired with the right furniture and fittings. Do make sure you have ample lighting in darker coloured rooms and you won’t have the brightness you’re used to.

7. Blue

The colour of the year is a favourite for its calming nature. One can try different shades of blue as well if the traditional blue does suit you. Blue can even be paired with several contrasting colours in dark or light shades. The best part about blue is that it can be anywhere from your walls furniture to your fabrics.

8. Natural Divisions

More and more people prefer open, undivided spaces as it lets you have larger rooms. This is especially true for smaller homes. But sometimes you need separators to organize rooms properly. Movable separators made from natural materials like wood & bamboo are smart ways to add a much-needed wall to a room without actually depriving it of space.

9. Kitchen Chimneys

Older homes would have had a simple window to take care of ventilation in the kitchen but this has since evolved to small kitchen fans and then to kitchen vents fans. The latest trend that we could see is kitchen chimneys. Modern kitchen chimneys aren’t bulky and can be installed in any kitchen. They’re great for keeping the temperature of the kitchen in check as well as keeping the rest of the home odour-free.

10. Minimalism

Smaller spaces and the need for simplicity mean minimalism will be big in 2020. Clean and neutral colours are a great way to make a nice space in your home. Keeping furniture and appliances to the needed minimum is essential too. Having the right lighting, electrical fittings can help you achieve a truly minimalistic home.

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