• 30/July, 2018

12 Reasons You Need to Switch to Finolex MCBs

Electrical appliances can potentially destroy many lives due to electrocution, short circuits or overloads. But a Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB) is the solution to protect electrical systems, equipment and appliances from overloads and short circuits. The main reason for electrocution is usually a short circuit, but an MCB works on a simple principle in which it automatically turns off when an overload is detected. And later, we can manually put the MCB back up to make the electricity flow again. But the performance of a switchgear also depends on its quality and for that, you need to switch to better MCBs.

Image Source : estore.finolex.com

To switch to a smarter, better and safer MCB for your home, Finolex has introduced a safer range of Finolex MCBs which provides higher breaking capabilities and an accurate and reliable protection against short circuits and overloads. In this article, we will be giving you 12 reasons to switch to Finolex MCBs right away for a better experience. Here, have a look!

Reasons You Need to Switch to Finolex MCBs Right Away

1) Redefined protection

Finolex MCBs offer IP 20-degree protection which eliminates the chances of accidental contact with the visible parts of MCB. The new and better design of Finolex MCB ensures that the device can be easily installed, maintained and operated.

2) Superior aesthetics with safety

The range of SnappTrip MCB is specially designed to exceed and meet the total compliance with Indian as well as international standards offering superior aesthetics and safety.

3) Positive contact indication

The positive contact is indicated very well and precisely. The red and green tags are provided which indicates ‘on’ and ‘off’ respectively. These tags are placed above the knob to positively identify the status ‘on’ and ‘off’ which enhances the safety purpose.

4) Inscription window

Finolex MCBs are equipped with inscription window for easy identification of the circuit.

5) Ingeniously profiled air channels

Finolex MCBs are secured with the two poles placed adjacent to each other. The air channels between these poles form tunnel resulting in effective air circulation around the poles.

6) Large terminal size

The terminal size of Finolex MCB is very large and is suitable for cables up to 25sqmm cross-section area which makes it suitable for aluminium and copper cables.

7) Magnetic operation

In magnetic operations, the short-circuit current and large overloads operate a solenoid which causes to strike the mechanism of the device rapidly and the main contacts are open.

8) Thermal operation

Finolex MCBs have the key feature of thermal operation which provides protection from moderate overloads. In the condition of an overload, the thermo metallic element changes the direction until it operates a fastening mechanism allowing the main contacts to open.

9) Construction

Finolex MCBs are formed as moulded case and has a cover of flame retardant high strength thermoplastic material which has low water absorption, temperature capacity, high dielectric strength and a high melting point which is very beneficial during short circuits. The switch mechanism of these MCBs is independent, trip-free and manual. And the breaker trips internally even if the operating knob is held at ‘on’ position. The Finolex MCBs are designed for an excellent reliability, long life, and anti-welding properties.

10) Flexibility

The Finolex MCB device can be easily mounted in any regular distribution board.

11) Safety terminal / captive screws

The terminal box design in these MCBs ensures the proper termination and avoids the loose connections. And the captive screws in these MCBs gives the flexibility of line cut.

12) No welding contacts

The silver graphite contact ensures maximum safety and long life of the MCB against welding contact due to anti-welding properties.

Image Source : estore.finolex.com

So, these were the few reasons you need to switch to Finolex MCBs right away for a better experience.

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