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3 Different types of LED Lights that can change the overall look of the Office

LED lights are nowadays used everywhere because of its efficiency and consumption of less electricity and emitting the perfect light that is required. That means LEDs serve the purpose and have more advantages than other lights. There are advancements in LED lights, like its availability in different colours that make it easier for a user to design their home or office in a better way.

LED lights are perfect to be used in offices. An office is a place where the light has to be on for the entire day and that results in big electricity bills. But, as LEDs consume less electricity, so, switching to LED lights is the best decision one can take right now. Well, this is not the only advantage that can convince you to switch to LEDs, then here are some more advantages, have a look!


Advantages of switching to LED lights for Office

• LED lights are energy efficient and consumes less electricity as compared to traditional lights. LED lights save 90% & 80% energy as compared to incandescent lamps and compact fluorescent lamps respectively

• LED lights does not contain harmful contents and are environment-friendly and safe to dispose, while traditional lights contain mercury and other harmful gases, which are hazardous to environment and health

• LED lights do have much longer life as compared to traditional lights. LED lights have approximately 6 times longer life than compact fluorescent lights and many more than incandescent lights

• LEDs maintain a cold temperature while traditional lights generate heat and excessive heat generation and ultraviolet radiation can cause hazards to people and environment. LED lights generate heat but this is thrown out by using proper heat dissipation mechanism and gives cool atmosphere

• LEDs can be combined in any shape to give a highly efficient illumination

• LED lights can work effectively in different temperatures and weather conditions

We hope these reasons were enough to convince you to switch to LED lights. So, let us now discuss a few different types of LED lights that can change the overall look of your office. Here, have a look!

1) LED bulbs

LED bulbs are highly suitable for modern architecture lighting. The LED bulbs are energy-efficient and environment-friendly. The LED bulbs provide flicker-free operations and provide minimum glare. Also, LEDs bulbs can be dimmed with the help of a dimmer switch to change the ambience as per the changing mood. LED bulbs are available in different colours and can be used as per the requirement and choice to make the look more joyful.

2) LED panel lights

LED panel lights are thin architecture masterpiece. These LED panel lights are also energy-efficient, environment-friendly, produces less heat and maintenance-free. The durability of LED panel light is amazing and can serve the purpose for several years. During the lifespan, the light of the LED remains constant and never dims and gives a better output than CFLs. You can get LED panel light in warm white, cool white and cool daylight variants.

The best part about LED panel lights is that it gives a neat look to the office area and can be used in false ceilings and main office area or meeting room. It gives the proper light that is required to read or to work on the laptop, and so the employee won’t feel a stress on their eyes.


3) LED tube lights

LED tube lights are also energy-efficient, environment-friendly, produces less heat, maintenance-free and durable as compared to fluorescent tube lights. Also, LED tube lights provide uniform lighting and offer significant savings on account of power consumption. You can use LED tube lights in high ceiling offices as it provides light in each corner.

The LEDs offer various types of lights and here we will explain you the concept of variants. Have, a look!

Image Source : estore.finolex.com


a) Warm White

A warm white light is denoted by the colour temperature of 2700K(Kelvin). The light is pretty similar to regular incandescent lamp and halogen lights and yellow in colour and often used in hospitality industry, decorative showrooms etc. This colour is the symbol of warmth and hospitality.

Image Source : www.integral-led.com


b) Cool White

A cool white light is denoted by the colour temperature of around 4000K. The lights are pretty similar to natural sunlight and are often used for lighting of offices, showrooms and malls & have a decorative look to make the area more elegant & also make the people more attentive and focussed.

c) Cool Daylight

Cool daylight is denoted by the colour temperature of 6500K is mostly used in offices, domestic and commercial areas and gives a soothing atmosphere to work effectively.

So, these were the 3 different types of LED lights that can change the overall looks of the offices.

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