• 27 /July, 2018

3 reasons to upgrade your electrical switchboard today

Whether you’re moving to a new house or thinking of renovating your own one, apart from home décor, another critical thing that you must pay attention towards, is upgrading your electrical switchboards for your electrical safety. Often, we ignore the need of upgrading our switchboard in line with standards of modern electrical equipment which are upgraded for the purpose of making your life easier and safe.

Talking about switchboards, we all know how common they are in our day-to-day life and how less attention they get from us. We upgrade our switchboards once or twice in our lives that can lead to various issues. If you’re experiencing fluctuations throughout your home or if a fuse blows up often if you use more than one appliance, then it is probably the right time to upgrade your electrical switchboards.

Remember, all switchboards control your electrical equipment & gadgets, hence it is extremely important to ensure that all your switchboards are performing at optimal levels at all times.

We penned down 3 major reasons to upgrade your electrical switchboards. Have a look at them and decide for yourself:

1. Stay Safe With Upgraded Switchboards

Image Source : Finolex

As per data, fire accidents have increased as much as 48% over the last 5 years which is surely an alarming number for us. As per the Indian electrical standards, electricals should be regularly reviewed and updated in accordance with the modern electrical demands and appliances so as to avoid any electrical jeopardy.

Overloading switchboards can lead to electrical fluctuations which is unsafe for you. Not just this, not using shockproof switches can be fatal for kids and is the main cause of child death in India due to electrical shock.

One of the main reasons for electrical failures is using old electrical switchboards.

Switches like Finoswitch comes with traits like Flame retardant polycarbonate and safer and shockproof operations.


2. Underrated Switchboards

Your old switchboards were designed to handle the appliances of their old time that included minor appliances such as fans which are drawing less current.

Today, we use various appliances which are drawing more current compared to old appliances.

To meet such heavy current demands, we need switchboards that are designed to carry heavy loads/current, which can prevent shocks and could maintain a flickering-free operation even in case of voltage variations. Finolex switches are capable of handling higher current.


3. Freedom Of Using All Your Electrical Resources

Image Source : Kiwisparks

If your electrical needs are higher and consistently facing problem of fluctuations, then it is better to upgrade your switchboards today to meet all your electrical needs.

To safeguard the longevity of any appliance, a good electrical supply system is mandatory for every household. One more thing that one needs to keep in mind is while choosing the right switchboard, you must choose a switchboard which can give you higher number of clicks. Finolex switchboards can give you up to 1,00,000 clicks which extends its longevity for as long as 8-10 years. Now, that’s surely a whopping number! Isn’t it?

Overall, we can say that, safety plays a crucial role if you’re thinking of upgrading your switchboards. This will ensure the safety of your loved ones and will give your toddlers liberty of exploring and wandering without any kind of fear. If you’re facing the problem of frequent fuse drips, then you must connect with a professional and work on upgrading your electrical systems. You can even track a Finolex distributor nearby HERE, to cater to all your electrical needs with an assurance of safety.

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