• 27/July, 2018

4 Important Things about Electrical Wires that You May Not Know

Electrical wires are the basic unit of every electrical system. Electrical wires are nothing but a cluster of wires used for distributing larger amounts of electricity. One major thing that differentiates cables from a regular wire is the flexibility which is provided by the cable under the sheath. A large part of controlling panel of electricity at your home or any other place solely rely on cables making them significant for all of us. There are many types of cables available in the market as per their specifications and your need. The technical specification of cables segregates them into categories such as LAN cables, CCTV cables that defines their use.

The major factor that should decide your choice of cables is “Safety”. As cables are the prime carrier of electricity throughout your house, you must ensure every aspect in terms of safety when it comes to electrical wires. Electrical wires are designed to bear consistent electric current which should not lead to a fire in case of accidents/short circuit.

Most of the electrical failures in India are caused due to failure of electrical wires. People often ignore the significance of this major material. A perfect power cable must be able to perform better in case of electrical failures, overloading, sudden electrical fluctuations and should be even fire retardant in case of any hazard. If you’re thinking of upgrading cables in your home or are just curious to know more about them, we can tell you 4 important things about electrical wires.


1. Copper vs Aluminium

Undoubtedly, Copper is a better conductor of electricity and it will act better in case of conducting electricity, but when it comes to conduction in electrical wires, there are many factors that we are accountable for.

When measuring the conductivity it’s not just the resistivity but there are two more factors that we must consider which is the size of the cables and the insulation materials used. In case of super-high voltage carried for longer distance, Aluminium is much economical and better conductor as compared to Copper.

Not to ignore the fact that Aluminium may have 61 percent of Copper’s conductivity but has only 30 percent weight as that of copper which makes them easier to spread across. Aluminium is also inexpensive as compared to Copper and hence used vividly in the making of electrical wires.

2. Cable Armour Cannot Prevent Moisture

Image Source : Indiamart

It is often estimated that the cable armour is meant to prevent moisture in cables, which is untrue.

3. The armour on electrical wires is used to shield the cables from any physical damage. Armour is generally made up of steel wires or tape which increases the strength, making the cable safe from any kind of physical damage.

Image Source : Finolex

The wide options available in the market can make you buy a poor quality power cable without the right specifications.

Factors like durability, material, safety, flame retardant, capacity, free from harmful gases are few such traits that a good power cable must acquire. Finolex Flame Retardant and Halogard are the perfect examples of such cables on which you can trust.

4. The Current Capacity Of Cables Varies

Most of the people think that electrical wires retain consistent or stable current all the time which is completely false. The truth is that the current capacity of wire varies with respect to the depth at which the cables have been laid or with the ground or air temperature.

Hence, it is very crucial to choose a power cable that are of good quality and have high endurance with any such factors.

The matter of safety is the foremost when it comes to electrical wires. It is the backbone of any electrical system failing on which can lead to fatal accidents. Their endurance should be high and they must acquire the tendency of ensuring safety in case of worst case scenario, which is, in case of fire. Finolex specifically designs cables like Flamegard and makes sure that you and your family are safe.

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