• 26/Sept, 2018

5 Reasons to switch to Finolex Ceiling Fans

The ceiling fan till a few years ago was bought for a single purpose, its functionality to cool a room. The designs available were limited, colours, not more than a handful and varied features did not exist.

Like everything else today, we are spoiled for choice and there is no dearth of it.

Finolex Cables is proud to present to you their stunning range of ceiling fans with unique and unprecedented aesthetics and value for money performance. Read ahead to know about the amazing features of Finolex Ceiling Fans.

Efficiency and Effectiveness

The Finolex range of ceiling fans comes with powerful high-speed motors and aerodynamic design for better air dispersion. They are built sturdily for prolonged operation. If air delivery is your criteria, choose models with wider tip blades. If you want efficiency, there are models that use only 50 watts and yet is a five-star power. There is also one with a complete aluminium body.  The motor in any Finolex ceiling fan is robust and sturdy and therefore extremely dependable. If quick-start is your thing, then choose a model with an amazing quick start high torque motor. And for higher air trust, there is a unique four blade model. The sweep size of Finolex ceiling fans is available from 600 mm to 1400 mm that cater to your unique needs.

Styles and Designs

Finolex ceiling fans comes in numerous styles and designs to suit your individuality. Wood finish blades with unique designs. Unique shank design with a stylish pattern that extends from the motor to the blade. Dual tone colour finish that enhances its beauty in multiple choices. Uniquely designed canopies, attractive dual colour trim and even an electroplated metallic finish. Even designs for the kids room with screen printed images that are pleasing to a kid. We also have some models with multicolour LED lights for different moods.

Noiseless Operations

There are some among us who would find the faint whirring of the fan blades to be distracting, Finolex has an aerodynamically designed ceiling fan for efficient and noiseless operation.

Additional Unique Features

The popularity of all appliances to have a remote is ever popular. The ceiling fan is not to be left behind. Finolex has introduced the remote control for easy operation.

Finolex Cables is happy to introduce its antidust coating using advanced technology. This feature is a dream come true.

Customer Experience

Finolex Delight: The entire Fans range is backed by a nationwide on-location after sales service set-up with a dedicated customer care toll free number that brings service right to the customer’s door step. Isn’t that great!

What are you waiting for! Check out the Finolex ceiling range which is classified into three segments-‘Premium’, ‘Decorative’ and ‘Smart’. The Premium series of fans are niche products. The Decorative series has simple and subtle models that are both modern and futuristic. Smart series has standard and economy fans which are functional and simple.


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