• 28/ Dec, 2018

5 Reasons you need to switch to Finolex wires and cables


Wires and cables are the two important components that play a major role in ensuring a continuous flow of electricity. The quantum and nature of the transmission of electricity varies according to the size of the wire and the quality of the material with which it is manufactured. If you don’t use the right kind of electric wire, you tend to face problems such as higher electricity bill, damage to gadgets, and instances of electrocutions.  In order to avoid these problems, it is highly imperative that you choose wires and cables which are of superior quality and are the best in terms of reliability and support like Finolex wires and cables. Below are a few unique features that make us stand out from other brands:

Fire and water resistant

Be it your household or industry, safety is one of the closest attribute when you think of various electrical hazards. appliances or industrial machinery can become faulty / damaged due to poor wiring and this can lead to serious repercussions such as an electrocution or fire accidents. Finolex’s PVC insulated wires and cables are known for its high thermal stability, which means it can withstand high operating temperature. It is also flame resistant due to virgin PVC material that has been used in wires PVC insulation provided in the Finolex wires have an insulation thickness of 0.7 cm, which is the best recommended for wires These highly thick insulations make it extremely reliable and resistant to factors such as fire, water and climate. Over the years, it is observed that incorporating Finolex wires and cables can help a great deal in preventing voltage fluctuations and short circuits.

India’s Most Trusted Brand

Millions of customers have validated Finolex wires and cables for its trouble-free superior quality performance, making it the market leader in electrical wires over the past 50 years. 100% conductivity is induced in all the wires due to the presence of bright annealed electrolytic bare copper.  With finely drawn strands of copper in the conductor, these wires provide greater flexibility for conduit wiring.  The PVC compound incorporated into the wires as insulations are exclusively manufactured in-house using a superior grade PVC resin. After passing various quality and electrical safety standards, these wires are ISI marked, as well as other approvals applicable in the industry A wide range of products

Jelly filled telecom cables: These are underground cables exclusively used for telecommunications. Earlier these types of wires had a thin dielectric paper like coating inside the plastic insulation which posed a trouble during the monsoons leading to faulty telephone connections. In order to solve this problem, Finolex introduced jelly filled telecom cables to replace paper covered cables.

LAN cables: Local network cables are used exclusively for data transmission. Ideally, these cables are 1000 Ft long and can be used for data transmission across short distances. A wide range of LAN cables are available such as Cat 5, Cat 5E, Cat 6 E

Power cables: They are used for underground transmission of electric power in residential complexes and commercial buildings.

Optical fibre cables: Optical fibre cables are extremely viable for high-speed telecommunication transmission over long distances. What is unique about them is the construction of glass tubes along with the plastic insulation.

Durability and energy efficiency

Durability is yet another striking feature of Finolex wires and cables. The superior quality copper wire used in its manufacturing makes it extremely resistant to rusts and pests.  Also, due to various energy efficient technologies, these wires will definitely help you cut down on your electric bill.

Keeping customer centric focus as the prime motto, Finolex provides exclusive after-sales repair and maintenance services. Additionally, their well-established warranty and exchange policies makes Finolex one of the most customer-friendly electrical companies in India.

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