• 25/Sept, 2018

5 Reasons you need to switch to thermosetting plastic electrical switches

Before the current plastic switches that we are familiar with today, switches were made of porcelain. Then later, Bakelite, which was an early form of brittle plastic, made from formaldehyde and phenol. More recently and increasingly popular, switches are made of thermosetting plastic.

Switches have two functions, which are either restoring or removing the conducting path in a circuit and are commonly used to operate electric lights, electric equipment or electrical outlets, and switch mounting plates, covers, and seals in the electrical wires. Both need to protect the user from possible electric shocks. It is no wonder then, the material that is used for switches have to be bad conductors of electricity, like porcelain, bakelite, and thermosetting plastic.

Thermoset plastic was developed in 1906 by Belgian chemist Leo Baekeland. Baekeland developed the plastic by combining phenolic resin, formaldehyde, and heat. It is a polymer which becomes irreversibly hardened upon being cured. A cured thermosetting polymer is called a thermoset. Once hardened, a thermoset resin cannot be re-melted in order to be reshaped.


Early uses of Baekeland’s discovery included kitchenware, toys, and electronics. Further, refinements expanded the usefulness of thermosets and allowed them to be used in many industrial applications.

The following are the benefits of using switches made of thermosetting plastic:

Bad conductor of electricity

This is the most important aspect and a required quality in electrical switches. The thermosetting plastic is a bad conductor of electricity.

Durability and structural resistant

In the production process, thermosetting plastic becomes irreversibly hardened when cured. This is a factor that really goes a long way and preferred when we look at electrical switches. It is not breakable by itself but could crack due to external and intentional application of force.

Chemical and Corrosion Resistant

For safety reasons, electrical appliances being chemical and corrosion resistant, makes them safe.

Heat Resistant

Another great feature of the thermosetting plastic and apt for electrical switches, you would not want your switches getting melted easily as it could cause short circuits leading to fires.


With all these amazing features, being lightweight is an added advantage

It is no wonder then, that thermosetting plastics have wide application and are used in many other industries like Automobiles, Medical, Metal Finishing, Transportation, Aviation, Aerospace, Chemical, Computers.

With all these amazing benefits that make thermosetting switches the safest, it is time to make the switch. Finolex-make “Finoswitch” is durable & tested to last over 1,00,000 clicks. The switches are available with a unique fluorescent strip that glows in dark and acts as a guide. The Premium Range includes Modular Switches, Sockets, Fan Regulators, Light Dimmers, Shaver Sockets, Card Operated Switches, Doorbells, Telephone Sockets, Computer Sockets, TV Sockets & more.

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