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5 Relatable Problems You Might Face with A Bad Quality Water Heater

Water Heaters are one electrical appliance that is a necessity for every home nowadays. Whether we talk about kitchen or bathroom, a water heater is required everywhere we use water the most. But sometimes to save the money, we buy a water heater which is not heavy duty. These water heaters may work well in the beginning, but after a year, you will start noticing major issues with these water heaters like bothersome noises, not heating water to desired temperatures or even a leakage.

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In this article, we will be telling you 5 relatable problems you might face with a bad quality water heater and things you must consider before buying the right water heater for your home. Here, have a look!

5 relatable problems you might face with a bad quality water heater

1) No hot water

When the water heater does not do its work, that is heating the water, then there is a chance that the heating element is broken or the circuit is blown. Check your circuit breaker and make sure the water heater is being powered. And if you have a natural gas-powered heater, then there must be an issue with the gas thermocouple.

2) Low water pressure, bothersome noises and rotten egg smell

When a water heater gets old or is of a bad quality, we can notice some bothersome noises coming from the water heater which are caused due to sediment (build-up of dirt on the heating elements). The issue of these noises can even lead to low water pressure and creates a rotten egg smell. The rotten egg smell or any other foul smell can also be caused when you may not have flushed your tank on a regular basis and the build-up of bacteria leads to foul odours.

3) Not enough hot water

If the water is not heating to the level it previously does or the level you require, then there are chances that the thermostat may have been damaged, faulty or improperly seated. You can fit the issue by resetting the thermostat to its appropriate temperature. But, doing it yourself can lead to burns or injuries, thus it is suggested to contact professionals or buy a better quality water heater.

4) Leakage in the water heater

One of the most irritating things is the leakage from the water heater because even the smallest of leaks can lead to a major problematic situation. The leakage issue can be caused due to furnace drain line, too high pressure, gas control valve or other plumbing problems. If your water heater is running too hot, you may notice a significant flow from the relief valve. And in some cases, it may be the tank itself that is leaking. But a leak in the water heater tank indicates the requirement of immediate replacement.

5) Discoloured anode rod

Usually, water heaters are protected by a sacrificial anode rod. This rod is placed in the water heater to protect the lining of the tank. Also, the discolouration or bad smelling water are signs that the rod needs to be replaced. When the water shows a rusty colour, it indicates problems with the tank. And when the water sits against the metal, the tank begins to rust over time and once it starts to rust, it is the high time to switch to a better quality water heater.

Things you must consider before buying the right water heater for your home

1) Consider a water heater with a high-quality heating element for a great performance, extended lifespan and minimum energy losses.

2) The water heater must have a heavy gauge tank made by an ultra-thick and super cold steel plate.

3) Many water heaters have started giving the facility of anti-bacteria mode. In this mode, when the temperature rises, the water heater automatically removes impurities and bacteria from the water.

4) Make sure the water heater contains a heavy-duty magnesium rod with steel core which protects the tank from rust and corrosion.

5) A water heater must have a thermal cut out, which cuts off electrical power automatically to guarantee safety.

To switch to a smarter and better water heater for your home, Finolex has introduced a complete range of Finolex electric water heaters  which are specially designed for Indian Bathrooms & Kitchens. These water heaters are manufactured using the latest technology and high-quality components. And has a Hexa protection technology which includes thermal cut outs, heavy gauge tanks, high precision thermostat with PIX4 protection and a multi-function safety valve with pressure release. Also, Finolex provides 5 years of warranty on tank and 2 years of warranty on the product.

Image Source : estore.finolex.com

So, these were 5 relatable problems you might face with a bad quality water heater and 5 things you must consider before buying the right water heater for your home.

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