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Most of us do not realize the geyser is going bad until we receive nothing but cold water out of the tap. Unfortunately, with regular use, the appliances wear out, and you have to purchase new ones. But you don’t need to run out and replace it right away, and it could just require some maintenance. Knowing the warning signs on your geyser could save you a lot of money in the long run. If you see these five signs, it’s time to call in professional help.


  • No Hot Water

“No hot water at all”!  If you open your tap and find there is no hot water, then there might be an issue with the geyser due to the faulty heating element inside or pilot light being out or thermostat. Maintenance can help you find the issue and remedy the problem instead of replacing the entire unit.


  • It Leaks

Leaks are another sign that your geyser needs some repairs. As the tank heats up, the metal expands and over time the expanding and contracting of the metal tank because of the heating and cooling can lead to cracks. It can be a possibility that a hose that is loose or a component of your water heater is disconnected as well.  One should call the maintenance to come to look at the geyser for sure in this case.


  • Strange Sounds

A natural noise from your geyser is normal as it’s a major appliance. But if you hear a loud rumbling or popping sounds coming from the inside, it is time to call the repairman. It is likely that mineral deposits have built up and caused the appliance to over-heat as it works to keep the water hot. Not only does this make the water hard to heat but it can begin to burn the heating element out because it is working so hard to boil the water. The sediments inside can make noises as it jostles around. So if you begin to hear sounds from your geyser, it’s a good idea to flush it out.


  • Rusty Water

If you turn the tap on and notice the water is rust colored or discolored in any way, it may mean that the inside of the tank is rusting. It may also say that the sediment is coming through the water and the pipes. If you start to see brown rust water, it can be likely that the geyser might be corroding from the inside. Once the geyser starts rusting, it isn’t long before it will burst a leak. Geysers have anode rods that are designed to attract all the corrosive elements in the water. If you have rusty water coming from your tap, it could be a sign that your anode rod needs a replacement, and it’s time to call a plumber.


  • Overheating

Geyser thermostats are specially made to fault in the open or ‘off’ position. If the thermostat does this the water in the geyser ceases to heat. Sometimes the thermostat faults in the “on “ position, in which case the eater will eventually boil and the geyser may explode. The most common cause of overheating is a faulty thermostat. It can be dangerous and must be seen to immediately. Switch off the geyser and call a plumber.


It is essential to maintain the appliances if you don’t want to experience regular problems with your plumbing especially when it plays an import role in your daily routine. Perform repairs and get your home working like usual.

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