• 28/ Jan, 2019

5 tips on light design for home interiors


You might think of it as design cliché, but interior lighting designs for homes can truly elevate your space. Good lighting can immediately change the flow of space, ambience, and mood of your room. While natural light is always in vogue, artificial lighting in the form of tube lights, bulbs, etc. can reach corners that natural light doesn’t and can complement room size, furniture, and colour palette. With the right placement, you can transform the look of your interiors. Here are a few tips for interior lighting designs for homes that you can try for your space.

Make sure lighting is helpful

Before you begin buying interior lights for home, figure out what tasks you will be undertaking in each room and how lighting can aid or affect you. For example, you will require concentrated lighting while cooking in your kitchen, so use a combination of downlights and recess lighting above your cabinets and stove top. Reading requires soft or directional lighting away from you. Bathrooms and powder rooms will need a combination of downlights and sidelights.

Planning ahead will help determine the right types of lighting in interior design. Thinking about the key features of each room and what activities will take place in each of them will give you a better understanding of style, colour temperature and output.

Layer your lighting

Taking a layered approach to your lighting with multiple light sources across different levels can create the perfect ambience and add an interesting feature to your room. With the right kind of interior lights for your home, you can uplift your room and make it feel larger. Low hung pendant lights, for example, create the illusion of height and a cluster of lights can give your space a cosy feel.


Use spotlights

You can be as subtle or dramatic as you like with your lighting. Spotlights are a great way to highlight or focus on your favourite painting, a sofa, mirror, and any other object. With strategic placements they can add warmth, elegance, and sophistication to any space, making them one of the best types of lighting in interior design. Pointed at the centre of your dining table, spotlights will be able to draw people and make them feel more welcome.


Learn to integrate coloured lights or bulbs with different lighting temperatures as they can add or subtract from your room’s colour scheme. Since spotlights attract attention to the object being highlighted, play around with different colours to see how it affects the object’s appearance.


Keep things simple

Remember to keep colour schemes, themes and material finish consistent, particularly when it comes to lighting. Using too many different styles or plans can give visitors an uneasy feeling. Lighter tones will open up a room and give the appearance of larger space, statement lighting or pops of colour will draw attention to a particular object or feature, while darker hues give off a feeling of cosiness or luxury. Less is always more.


One way to maintain the lighting in your home and prevent it from overpowering the space is by using lighting controls or dimmer lights. This way you will be able to create a customised lighting design at the click of a switch. But bear in mind not to use dimmer switches with non-dimmable light bulbs!


Choose your lighting carefully

While modern technology has made life extremely convenient for us, it has also increased our energy costs and is doing more harm than good for the environment. Even with just our lights, we consume so much electricity while radiating harmful UV rays. Reduce your energy costs and carbon footprint by opting for LED lights when thinking of interior lighting designs for homes. LED lights have far more advantages than standard CFL bulbs, last longer and help the environment by emitting a much smaller amount of greenhouse gasses.


Lighting has a tremendous impact on interior design and creating the perfect ambience with your lighting takes careful consideration and planning. Create your own pleasing space with lights from Finolex.

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