• 27/ Feb, 2019

5 top things you didn’t know about Finolex snapptrip MCBs

Electricity is the main component of modern technology, and without it, most of the things we use daily merely can’t work. Work on improved operational safety, continuity of service, greater convenience, and operating costs has taken on tremendous importance in protecting many systems, equipment, and appliances. In earlier days, the fuse was commonly used to protect an electric circuit from overload or short circuit. But it has now been replaced by MCB. MCB is an electromechanical device that protects an electrical circuit against short circuit, overload or malfunctioning design that can lead to overcurrent.

SnappTrip MCBs are designed and produced according to world-class standards. These MCBs offer higher breaking capabilities and provide close, accurate and reliable safety from overloading and short-circuiting.

Let us take a look at 5 features about Finolex Snapptrip MCB.

The Construction

In particular, MCBs have formed moulded case & cover with high-strength flame retardant thermoplastic material having a high melting point, low water absorption, high dielectric strength, and temperature capacity. The switching mechanism is independent, manual and trip-free, i.e., the breaker trips internally even if the operating knob is ON. The contact mechanism includes fixed and moving contacts designed especially for reliability, long service life, and proper anti-weld ties.

Protection re-defined and Superior aesthetics with safety

Finolex Snapptrip provides IP 20 degrees of protection to eliminate the likelihood of accidental contact with the live part and ensures that the device can be installed, operated and maintained with total security. SnappTrip MCBs are designed to meet and exceed full compliance with Indian and international standards that offer the best combination of aesthetics and safety.

Thermal and Magnetic Operation

The thermal operation protects against moderate overloads. A thermo metallic element (bimetallic strip) deflects under an overload condition until a latching mechanism operates, which allows the primary contacts to open.

In magnetic operation, massive overloads or short circuit current operate a solenoid that causes the locking mechanism to open the main contacts quickly.

Large terminal size and dual termination

The terminals are suitable for cables up to a cross-section area of 25 sqmm and are therefore ideal for copper and aluminum cables. The terminals are designed to facilitate the termination of the cable or bus bar at incomer’s side.

Positive contact indication and Safety terminal

The contact of position is specified by Indication (Red-ON and Green-OFF). Red and green tags above the knob indicate the electrical status for ON / OFF, which increases safety.

Design of box type terminal ensures proper termination and prevents loose connections. Also, the flexibility of the line cut (-) and posidrive screwdrivers is provided through captive screws.

MCBs have beneficial features and offers better operational safety and convenience without risking significant operating costs.

Finolex SnappTrip MCBs provide higher breaking capabilities and offer accurate and reliable protection against overload and short-circuit.

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