• 1/ Oct, 2018

5 Types of fans for residential use in India


Fans – The Rotating Necessity of an Indian Household 

What moves around yet does not go anywhere? If you have guessed correctly, it is the fan – a powered machine for cooling purposes. A fun fact from Wikipedia on its history. The punkah fan originated in India about 500 BCE as a handheld article made from bamboo strips and other plant fibre, that was rotated or fanned to move air. During the British rule, the word came to be used to mean a large swinging flat fan, fixed to the ceiling, and pulled by a servant, called the punkawallah. Let us now explore the modern versions of this erstwhile punkah, starting with the most popular.

The Ceiling Fan

This fan is like the centrepiece of a well-set dinner table. Since it is placed in the centre of a room on the ceiling, it must be eye-catching and yet functional at the same time. There is no dearth of choices in styles and features of ceiling fans available today. There are multiple things to keep in mind when choosing the most suitable one. The fan size should be appropriate to the room size. If your ceiling height is higher than normal, look at a lengthened drop rod. Elegantly-styled ones with decorative embellishments and chandeliers would complement your living room. Does the faint whirring of the fan blades disturb you? If yes, there are fans that are felt, but not heard, the noiseless range. Futuristic aerodynamic blade design and fans with remotes are popular now. Check out your options at Finolex.

Table Fans

Another popular style is the Table fan. It can be placed on a table or the floor, or just about on anything with a firm base. The remarkable thing about this kind of design is that you can direct the cool breeze in the direction you prefer, and you could even let it swing. Not to forget, the best feature about this type of fan is, it is portable. They are sometimes referred to as personal fans. Check out the range available at Finolex.

Tower Fans

These types of fans mostly include added features like built-in ionisers that purify the air. They come in compact and sleek designs hardly occupying any floor space. They have to be placed on the floor and can be moved as needed.

Wall Mounted Fans

In case of spaces with high or extremely low ceilings, tight or compact areas, lack of hard wiring, you are looking at the wall mounted fans for cooling. These fans are aptly designed for small offices, huge party halls, warehouses, auditoriums and sometimes even small home kitchens.

Pedestal Fans

Have you ever noticed in a large open-air gathering on a hot sultry day, there are people grouped at various spots? Check it out, you would find them gathered within the cooling distance of this prized pedestal fan. These fans are great for outdoor events or large non-air conditioned halls as they offer powerful cooling. Very versatile, they can be easily carried and placed anywhere.

Exhaust Fans

A well-designed bathroom cannot stand on its own. It needs to be well-ventilated and the stale air and odours expelled. This is exactly what the exhaust fan does. No longer considered a luxury, the exhaust fan is a necessity. The designs available will complement your stylish bathroom. Check out the amazing models available at Finolex.

Misting Fans

A primitive air-conditioner that uses evaporative cooling technology. They have high-pressure pumps that push water through tiny nozzle openings releasing micron-sized droplets. The fan blows these droplets into a wide area, producing an entire zone of cooled-down air. These are becoming increasingly popular in outdoor areas like pools, backyards, and gardens.

That is the lowdown on the popular fans available for domestic use in India. Remember when purchasing a fan, it has to be specific to your needs and the product should be of excellent quality, having safety features and from a reputable brand. Also look out for great after sales service and a dedicated customer care.


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