• 28/Sept, 2018

6 Extremely Good Reasons to Indulge in Hot Water Showers

Someone wrote, ‘Happiness is taking a long hot shower’. I could not agree more. Yet someone else tweeted, ‘A hot shower can erase so many problems’. I totally buy this. A hot water shower is therapeutic, a mix of both, mental and physical comfort. It makes some of us happy bathroom singers or deep thinkers, or even inspires great ideas in others. Read on to know multiple other benefits of a hot water shower.

Physical Hygiene

The pores on our skin get clogged due to too much secretion of sebum, dry and dead skin cells, as well as normal every day dirt and pollution. It is necessary to keep our pores clean, as clogged pores lead to blemishes and a build-up of toxins. Hot water and steam are the best ways to open the pores so that they are cleansed, and impurities washed away. A hot shower is more effective than a cold shower to get rid and kill off the bacteria and germs, reducing the chances of infection.


Relaxes your Body

The hot water from the shower, with a reasonably good pressure actually feels like a massage and relieves your muscles, especially around the neck and shoulders. This gentle stimulation on your skin feels good and lowers body tension.

Soothes you to Sleep

A hot shower is an excellent natural sedative. After a few minutes of exposure to hot water, it is easier to get sleep because your body will be soothed and relaxed. A much better alternative than popping a pill.

Reduces Stress

Nothing can beat a hot relaxing shower after a long stressful day. It makes the body and the mind more relaxed. Hot water improves oxytocin levels, and this, in turn, improves your mood and lowers stress levels. Studies have shown that warm water encourages feelings linked to wellbeing.


Health Benefits

A hot shower acts as a natural decongestant as it loosens chest congestion and sinus problems as you breathe in the steam, clearing stuffy nasal passages with moisture. It warms you up when you have flu symptoms. It also is a great reliever of headaches by dilating blood vessels.

Improves Circulation

A hot water shower stimulates circulation and blood flow while loosening joints, tendons, tissues and muscles. This is great for treating muscular and joint pain associated with arthritis, muscle tears and muscle overuse.

Taking hot water showers has more benefits than you can imagine. You should include a hot shower as part of your daily routine and enjoy several great health benefits.  Having an efficient and dependable hot water heater is a definite requirement. Check out the range available at Finolex, where stunning aesthetics are combined with safety and energy saving features.

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