• 31/Aug, 2018

6 signs when you should think about rewiring your home

Computers, TVs, mobile phones and other accessories all need the energy to run on. And if that wasn’t enough, we are adding additional gadgets by the day.  But in a world of exciting and innovative gadgets – are basic lessons on safety being forgotten? As per the records of the Fire and Safety Association of India (FSAI), the number of mishaps in 2010-11 were 2,071, this number jumped to a shocking 22,848 in 2015-16.

Finolex wants consumers to enjoy the benefits of technology but not at the cost of safety. One of the most ignored aspects is that of re-wiring a home or an office.

Here are 6 situations where you need to think about re-wiring.


1. If your home is forty years or above

Finolex makes wires that are 99.97% pure electrolytic grade, bright annealed bare copper with more than 100% conductivity. The wiring in homes four decades back was very basic and of a lighter quality because the load was much lesser. With higher usage, the need of the hour is for wires that can deal with higher loads.


2. If you want to reduce your electricity bill

Better wires mean lower bills. If the material is high quality and the manufacturing is faultless, there is lesser wastage due to resistance. So if you want to stretch that monthly budget to buy the latest gadget, check the quality of the wire currently in use.


3. Getting the best from your lights

Poor quality wires lead to dim lights. If you feel that your neighbor’s house is better lit or your son is straining to do his homework, check the wiring. Chances are that you have poor quality wires or faulty wiring.


4. Joints are bad

Joints made manually in electrical wiring lead to accidents. If your wiring has been at the mercy of an electrician who has used desi jugaad – it’s time to re-wire.


5. If your battens or sockets transmit an unpleasant smell

 How often does your nose wrinkle because a socket close by seems to be transmitting an acrid smell? If it’s happening, don’t ignore it because it indicates poor wiring.

Finolex Cables have higher grade, insulated, outer sheath of a tough heat resistant PVC compound. Switch to Finolex wires & cables and say goodbye to unpleasant odors.


Image Source : STN Solutions

  6. Converting from house to factory/office or vice versa

The requirements for a house, an office or a factory are different. If you are buying or renting a facility, check whether it was residential or commercial. If there is a change in status, rewiring is highly recommended because the usage is different.

Finolex wants you to be safe and secure in your homes, offices and factories. Buy high quality Finolex wires & cables and say goodbye to electrical mishaps.

Image Source : Finolex


Image Source : Finolex

So, these were the 6 signs signaling that you should think about rewiring your home.

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