• 27/Aug, 2018

6 Ways in which LEDs can change the way we live on the Earth

Lighting the world is considered as one of the most difficult tasks. Around 18 to 38% of India’s total energy bill goes into lighting up streets at night. So, we have been consuming a lot of energy in the name of lighting up the streets. As times changed, normal Halogen bulbs were replaced by LED bulbs which consume much lesser energy as compared to the other electric lights. In this blog, we will tell you 6 ways in which LEDs can change the way we live on Earth.


1. Reducing e-waste

Every year we produce tonnes and tonnes of e-waste. It’s something which once produced, takes centuries to decompose. So, this is where, LEDs come to our rescue. Being tiny in size, they literally won’t increase the ongoing production of e-waste.


Image Source : ActiveDark.com

Contrary to its size, an LED’s lifespan can range between 15 to 20 years. A normal LED bulb, if used for around 10 hours per day can last up to an average 13.7 years*. (Source: https://www.electronicsweekly.com/blogs/led-luminaries/led-life-expectancy-2009-02/)


2. Lighting up your health

Unlike other Incandescent bulbs, CFL bulbs, tube lights etc., LEDs are harmless to your health. The material used in making an LED is non-poisonous unlike other lighting appliances which have mercury. Other sources of lighting like CFLs are made up of Chlorofluorocarbons which harm the environment by depleting the Ozone layer present in the atmosphere.


3. One LED is more than enough

If you are living in a room of 10’x8’ or similar dimensions, then a single LED bulb of 9W is enough to light up the entire room. The best part about LED bulbs or tube lights is that even though they may look like other CFL bulbs and tube lights, the material is different in both the products. An LED bulb consists of an LED diode which means that no filament or other energy consuming material will be present. It’s takes just one bulb, to light up your whole room.


4. Zero UV emissions

We have read in our school, how Ultra Violet rays are harmful to us, if left for prolonged exposure. This is where LED lights come in handy. LEDs produce negligible amount of Infrared radiation and hardly any UV radiation. Finolex provides you the best LED bulbs and battens, with proven zero UV emissions.


5. No special temperature needed to run

This is one of the most useful features of LEDs. For those people who live in hilly areas where there is snowfall every now and then and the temperature is low, LEDs are easier to use. CFLs and other similar sources of energy generally lag when it comes to running in the winters or colder temperatures.


Image Source : Chinadaily.com.cn


6. No more heating issues

LEDs are small, use less energy and don’t produce much heat. For instance, a single LED despite being lit can be touched with bare hands.


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