Finolex-make “Finoswitch” is made of superior quality polycarbonate and silver cadmium oxide coated contact points, screws and terminals used in making of most modern switches. Finoswitchs is sage, durable & tested to last over 1,00,000 clicks. The switches are available with a unique fluorescent strip that glows in dark and acts as a guide.

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Finotouch - Smart Switches

Finotouch, the ultimate in home automation. With remote access and control, homeowners can command their devices from anywhere using smartphones, tablets, or computers. It seamlessly integrates with voice-controlled smart assistants like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Apple Siri, and offers an array of customization options, enabling tailored schedules and scenes to match your lifestyle.

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Feriha switches are designed with a soft switching mechanism for quiet operation and have an extended lifespan, making them suitable for both inductive and resistive loads. The sleek, mirror-finished face and mounting plates, along with their elegant knob design and 360° rotation for fan regulators, add a touch of sophistication to any space.

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Premium Plus

Finolex is devoted to crafting switches for the new generation that blend looks and utility seamlessly. Talk about safer and shockproof operations and you have a winner in Premium Plus. A soft touch and more than 100000 clicks or even the flame retardant polycarbonate, assure you that your home is guarded and the convenience of smart living is just one choice away.

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Grazo Switches by Finolex redefine excellence in electrical fittings. Featuring captive screws, mirror finish, UV-resistant polycarbonate construction, and specialized design for minimal arc visibility, they offer style, durability, and unmatched performance. These switches ensure seamless and noise-free operations while enhancing your interior's elegance.

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Products engineered to make your life easy and designed to take the look of your home a notch up. In hand with modern home aesthetics and beautiful decor, our accessories are the must-have of every home.

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Mounting Boxes

Finolex Mounting boxes are made with high-quality material and precision engineering for long-lasting performance. Build on trust and the belief to safeguard your home for generations to come.