In July 1945, two enterprising brothers, Mr. P.P. Chhabria and Mr. K.P. Chhabria, ventured from Karachi to Pune in search of livelihood. Within six months, they established a small shop specializing in electrical cables. The retail business thrived, and a significant order in the mid-1950s from the Defence Department for wire harnesses marked a turning point. Bolstered by this success, they decided to take charge of cable manufacturing themselves.

The Birth of Finolex.

Commencing as a small-scale industrial unit in 1956, they initially produced PVC insulated cables for the automobile industry. The inception of the Finolex brand, a fusion of 'Fine' and 'Flexibles,' with an electric arc symbolizing their involvement in the electrical cable business, reflected their commitment. Despite facing challenges, their relentless pursuit of growth led the enterprise to transform into a limited company in 1972.

Going Public:
A Turning Point.

Since then, Finolex Cables Limited has consistently progressed. Following a public offering in July 1983, the company embarked on a continuous journey of expansion and modernization, positioning itself as a leading manufacturer of wires and telecom cables in the country.

Beyond Cables and Wires.

Presently, in addition to an extensive range of wires and cables, the company markets lighting products, switches, switchgear, fans, water heaters, electrical conduits, and home appliances. Recognizing the modern consumer's inclination towards smart products featuring stylized designs, superior quality, and aesthetics, Finolex has recently introduced smart switches and smart door locks. These seamlessly integrate into contemporary lifestyles, providing not just functionality but also a stress-free experience. With this new line of smart home products, Finolex is taking a significant step towards creating a smarter and better future for its customers.

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and Expansion.

In 1986, Mr. K.P. Chhabria's son, Mr. Deepak Chhabria, joined the company after completing his studies in the USA. Transforming Finolex from a one-product, one-client company, he diversified the product portfolio and expanded the customer base. In less than a decade, the company evolved from a wire and cable manufacturer into a comprehensive electrical products entity.

The Secret Behind
Consistent Quality.

The backbone of Finolex's success lies in its state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. The company currently operates five modern plants with cutting-edge testing facilities in Pimpri (Pune), Urse (Pune), Goa, and Roorkee (Uttarakhand). These facilities empower Finolex to consistently deliver reliable and quality products, to consistently exceed customer expectations.

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