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Electricity is an integral part of every human’s life today. Having a basic knowledge about the electrical materials and fittings used in a household or workplace can be of great help. There are various specifics involved when it comes to electrical materials. Let us see some basic guidelines about electric materials for the household.


Switch Boxes


One conduit is in switch boxes while the others are in electrical fittings. Switch boxes of various sizes are provided in the rooms for receiving the conduits and wiring in them. Different sizes of switch boxes are used depending on the number of switches. The dimensions of the boxes vary from 3 inches to 12 inches in width and so in depth. They are rectangular or square in shape made in 16- gauge sheet metal.  Switch boxes should be painted well with anti-corrosive paint and have a depth of 2 inches or more. Avoid using a wooden box.




Lightboxes and switch boxes are made of similar material. Lightboxes are mostly placed in sun shades and roof slabs when the concrete is being poured. They accommodate the down looking lights provided in slabs and projection. Lightboxes are primarily round, approximately 5 inches deep, and provide holes for the entry of conduits. They are also made from 16 gauge sheet metal and painted with anti-corrosive paint.




Choose modular switches over conventional ones.

The next step is to look for the switch materials. Choose modular switches which are made of fine quality polycarbonates that are a kind of thermoplastic polymers.

Then look for dust-proof properties, high melting point and flame resistance of switches. Such polycarbonates are called polycarbonates of FR grade.

Next comes the design of these switches. Modular switches are produced by different companies in different shapes, sizes, and designs. Choose the ones that look pleasing to you and have a smooth and straightforward design.

Next, check their operation. No force should be required when you press the switch, and they should be noise proof. Such switches have an ergonomic design.

Look for a spark shield next. Modular switches should have a spark shield inside them to hide high sparks and prevent damage or short-circuiting caused by current leakage.

Look for the provision of dust-shields. The arrangement of a dust shield prevents the dust from entering the switches and helps them to keep their new look together for years.

Modular switch insulation resistance should exceed 2000 Mega Ohms. Such switches tend to be shockproof.




Miniature Circuit Breaker aka MCBs now replaces fuses. An MCB automatically trips off in case of high voltage or electric circuit failure. Look for original MCBs from renowned manufacturers that protect 3 in 1 against short circuit, earth leakage, and overload. Look only for ISI marked MCBs. An MCB should never be repaired in case of damage, but should just be replaced. ISI marked MCBs from well-known brands are not easily damaged and work efficiently.


Choosing the right and good quality electrical material for your household can ease your job in the future. Longer the lifespan, lesser the spends.Finolex ” Finoswitch ”  are made of high-quality polycarbonate, and silver cadmium oxide coated points of contact, screws, and terminals used in most modern switches. Finoswitchs are durable & tested to last over 1,00,000 clicks.

Also, Finolex MCBs provide higher breaking capabilities and offer close accurate and reliable protection against overload and short-circuit.


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