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A handy guide to clean commercial exhaust fans

Commercial exhaust fans are an integral part of those businesses that employ a professional kitchen like restaurants, community centres, catering services, tech parks and hospitals. A well-established business must pay adequate attention to its exhaust and ventilation systems to ensure safety and hygiene for the people. It is important to do a thorough inspection of your exhaust fans to prevent the instances of electrical hazards. Here are the top reasons why commercial exhaust fans need to be cleaned regularly.

Reduce fire accidents:

The main purpose of installing commercial exhaust fans is to remove the harmful pollutants and smoke from the main cooking area. It also helps a great deal in preventing oil and grime from damaging the interiors of your commercial kitchen. To perform all these functions, exhaust fans are always placed above the cooking surface. Over time, constant accumulation of smoke leads to the formation of a sticky layer consisting of grease. Since food is prepared under high temperature in a commercial kitchen, the risk of electrical fires is always higher. Maintaining your exhaust fans are important to prevent mishaps in your building.

Minimise health risks

Commercial exhaust fans remove toxic gases and provide a breathable working condition for your employees. Accumulation of grease and other deposits decreases the efficiency of your extractor fans. The filthier your kitchen vent is, the lesser efficient it is at absorbing harmful gases. If not cleaned properly, unhealthy pollutants will get trapped inside the work space. This indeed poses a potential health threat to your kitchen staff and other employees. In the case of a restaurant, such a condition is extremely dangerous as it makes the food unfit for human consumption.

Improves air circulation

Cleaning your ventilation and exhaust systems regularly is also crucial to facilitate smooth air circulation in your building. When it comes to dirt removal in exhaust fans, you need to focus on parts like filters, fans and boxes. Removal of residues from these parts of the exhaust fan is extremely important to combat bad odour in your kitchen. Apart from enhancing the air circulation, regular cleaning of commercial exhaust fans is also essential to maintain the room temperature of your building.

If you have employed exhaust fans in any of your commercial establishments, do you remember when was the last time you had cleaned them? Regular cleaning and maintenance play a huge role in enhancing the efficiency and longevity of your ventilation and exhaust system. Below is a list of a few professional cleaning techniques which you can employ to get the best out of your commercial exhaust fans:

Check for mechanical wear and tear

Before you indulge in the cleaning of your exhaust fan, it is important to undertake a thorough inspection of your equipment. First and foremost, check if there are any mechanical and electrical issues in your extractor fan. Carefully examine if there is a need for any repair especially when it comes to parts like fan blades and filters. Also, watch out for loose wires and cables that have been used to connect your exhaust fans. It is always a good idea to replace frayed wires to avoid incidents of electric shock. A thorough inspection is extremely important to chart out a proper maintenance plan to help you highlight areas that requires immediate attention.

Pay attention to an unusual smell

If you haven’t cleaned your commercial exhaust fan for a long time, then you are sure to experience a foul smell. This is due to the formation of clogs created by the amalgamation of debris and grease in the fan blades. Ideally, in a commercial establishment, the kitchen is under constant use, and high temperature converts the smoke into particles of grime and grease. The presence of these particles leads to blockage of the ventilation system in your extractor fan. If you find an unusual smell in your kitchen, then it means that it’s time to clean the fan blades of your exhaust system.

Clean the filters

The main component that determines the efficiency of commercial exhaust fans is its filter. While maintaining a proper cleaning schedule, the filter is an important component that requires utmost attention. A clean filter absorbs the debris and smoke in an effective manner and improves the overall functions of your ventilation system. It also plays a huge role in enhancing the operations of the fan blades. Cleaning of your filters every quarter is advisable to increase the shelf life and maintain the productivity of your exhaust fans.

Replace ports and outlets

While cleaning exhaust fans, it is not enough to focus on parts like fan blades and filters, but you must also pay attention to components like ports, the fan motor and other machinery. Any damage to these components can also reduce the efficiency of your exhaust fan significantly. An important electrical safety measure that you need to follow while cleaning the ports and outlets is to disconnect your extractor fan from the power. Fans motors can also get clogged with residue particles like grease. If not cleaned properly, this will have a huge impact on the functioning of your exhaust fan.

Prepare a maintenance plan

To ensure safety and protect the health of your employees and customers, it is mandatory to chart out a cleaning and maintenance schedule of your exhaust fan. While you can assign your kitchen staff to clean the outer components of your kitchen, it is always ideal to take the help of a professional expert to clean the intricate parts of your fan like blades and motors to avoid safety concerns. Monthly or quarterly cleaning schedules work best for commercial exhaust fans. Regular maintenance also reduces the cost of mechanical repairs in the long run.

When it comes useful cleaning solutions, hot water and ammonia is a great combination to remove grease and other dust particles from the fan filters. A mix of water and soap can also be used to take off the dust with the help of a cotton cloth. Chemical foamer is yet another cleaning agent to get rid of dirt and residues in your extractor fans. It is always a good idea to invest in a commercial exhaust fan of a good brand like Finolex. Check out the widest collection of Finolex exhaust fans that are suitable for kitchens, offices and other commercial buildings.

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