• 26/ Jan, 2019

A handy maintenance checklist for your bathroom water heater


Water heaters are one of most commonly used equipment in any household.  However, factors such as the size of your home and number of members in your family play a vital role in the type of water heater ideal for your home. There are two categories to choose from when it comes to finding a water heater for your bathroom – instant water heaters and storage water heaters. If you have a small family, then instant water heaters will be a great pick since they are extremely energy efficient and have a long lifespan. Storage water heaters, on the other hand, are perfect if you live in apartment complexes and if your family size is very large. These water heaters can be easily operated through smartphone apps and their water holding capacity is also considerably high.

In order to ensure smooth functioning of your water heater, regular maintenance is required. Below are few maintenance tips to be considered for all hot water heaters:

Switch off your water heaters when not in use

In a majority of homes it is observed that water heaters are switched on for longer periods of time. This tendency is quite common in the morning since everyone is in a hurry to get to their offices or schools. Due to technological advancements, water heaters today get heated within 5-10 minutes. In order to maintain the lifespan of your device, it is better to switch on your device 5 minutes before use.

Conserve energy by operating at a low temperature

You can save a lot of electricity if you take efforts to maintain your bathroom water heater regularly. Ideally, the temperature setting of your heater should be adjusted in the range of 55 to 60 degrees. The risk of intense scalding is high if you increase the temperature range. Additionally, operating your water heater at a very high-temperature range leads to rapid development of harmful bacteria. Another great advantage of reducing the thermostat is that it increases the shelf life of your appliance.

Test the pressure valves regularly

Pressure valves are important components of a bathroom water heater which ensures the smooth flow of water through its outlets. It is highly important to test the temperature and pressure valves at least once a year. For this, try increasing and lowering the temperature at regular intervals and drain out the water through the discharge pipe. If water is not rushing out of your drain pipe, then it indicates that there is a fault in your bathroom water heater. In such a case, you need to call a qualified electrician and get your valves replaced. Faulty water heaters can consume huge amounts of electric power as well.

Check the electric wiring and plugs

Voltage fluctuations can easily damage the electric wires and plugs connected in the circuit, due to which, the wires and plugs get easily heated up.  In order to avoid this, it is always important to use wires which are of ideal capacity for the power sockets. Also, ensure that you are using electric wires and plugs that are of good quality and fabrication. Proper wiring of the electric circuit in water heaters is closely associated with safety standards. In order to ensure safety, it is ideal to incorporate an MCB as a replacement for fuses in the circuit. MCBs will help a great deal in preventing short-circuits that can lead to electric shocks.

Monitor Leakages

Another aspect is the constant monitoring of the leakages in your water heaters. Leakages can definitely lead to high electric power consumption.  It is also better to use metallic drainage tubes rather than plastic ones since metals are more heat resistant. Frequent cleaning of these tubes is mandatory in order to remove accumulated rusts and stains.

It is always better to get an annual maintenance done every year by calling a qualified electrician.  Furthermore, it is advisable to purchase your water heater from a credible brand which will provide long warranty periods and good customer service, like Finolex water heaters. Switch to Finolex and find the right water heater for your bathroom!

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