• 02 /May, 2018

All about colour temperature

Ever since Thomas Alva Edison introduced to the world his amazing invention, the light bulb, our homes have been illuminated by these soft, yellowish lights for over a century. These incandescent soft white lights measuring at 2700K (degrees Kelvin) have only partially lit up our homes all these years. While these are good for a bedroom, but what about a bathroom, kitchen, living room or even the garage of your house? With technological advancement, humans have discovered CFLs and the latest and most popular LED lights. But just buying an LED won’t do. You must understand its colour temperature before buying it.

Then, what is colour temperature? Colour temperature is a less known but very relevant subject when it comes to lighting. It is the temperature of an ideal black-body radiator that radiates light of a colour comparable to that of the light source. When choosing lights for your home, it’s necessary to understand the colour temperature of the type of light before buying it.

LED lights have various colour temperatures. Low brightness, or yellow, LED lights have a low colour temperature, somewhere between 2500K and 3350K. White LED lights have high brightness and their colour temperatures are higher, measuring between 4000K and 5500K. Low brightness LED lights are ideal for the home because they have low heat emissions. Also, these lights create the perfect ambience in your home, making it warm, pleasant and relaxing. Warm-coloured LED lights are also great lighting options for highlighting art such as paintings or sculptures. The bright ones are good for places which need good visibility, like the kitchen and washrooms.

However, it is also possible to combine warm and bright lights to give a pleasant appeal to the room while also giving it ample visibility. So, it is always best to pre-consider the desired ambience in your room or home, before buying the right LED lights with the correct colour temperature.

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