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All That You Need to Know About Distribution Boards

A distribution board is the main electrical supply system for any commercial or residential entity. The main cable comes into the distribution board and then via breakers get distributed in the secondary circuits such as lights and plugs. For optimal performance of every device, it is necessary to maintain a proper power distribution and is crucial for home and appliance safety. Distribution boards are duly fitted with BS bars, DIN rail, and neutral link.

Distribution boards are not just a mere enclosure but an overall system in itself having neutral links, earth leakage unit and interconnecting wires for the sole purpose of proper electrical distribution in your house. The standard distribution these days are made in accordance not  just with the technical requirements but also as per home décor, so that it can blend easily. Majorly, a distribution board comes in two categories:

1. Single Door Distribution Board : For simplistic applications, a single door distribution board is used which is available in 4-way, 8-way, 16-way configurations.

2. Double Door Distribution Board : For more heavy-duty operations and increased number of applications and connections, a double door distribution board is used. They are majorly used for commercial use.

Distribution boards that are available these days must acquire these three major traits :

  • Safety 

One crucial part of every distribution board is the fuse. Fuse is an important component of a distribution board as it doesn’t allow overcurrent to pass through your circuitry. In the case of overcurrent, the fuse automatically shuts down the major supply preventing your appliances and any sort of electrical danger at your home or at your office.

  • Aesthetics 

Apart from safety, these days high attention is being paid towards the design and style of distribution boards. Gone are the days when distribution boards ruined the overall décor and aesthetics either at your home or at office. The wide range of DB’s these days give you an upper hand as consumer if you’re looking for a good quality DB without compromising on the style quotient of your home.

  • User-Friendly 

If your distribution box is not user-friendly, then it is surely not the right pick for you. It should possess sufficient space for wires with the easy installation procedure. The frame should dismiss any possibility of error during installation. A well-installed and user-friendly distribution boards ensure the long life of your electrical distribution system and safety. Also, there will be a bonus if the DB you’re using should be easy in terms of maintenance.

Thankfully, Finolex Distribution Boards acquire all these traits and is available in both single and double door configuration. You can buy them HERE.


Safety Tips for Distribution Boards :

Image Source : estore.finolex.com

1. The unoccupied opening/s of distribution boards must be covered with a blanking plate.

2. A distribution board must not be installed anywhere where there is a frequent tendency of getting in contact with water.

3. Distribution boards should not be installed anywhere around a fixed cooking appliance.

4. Distribution boards must be protected from corrosion.

5. A distribution board, when installed, should be in accordance with the environment in which it operates.

6. It is advisable not to instal distribution board 2200mm above the floor.

7. The distribution board should be installed only by an expert professional.

8. The wires in the distribution board must not hang outside the board.

9. Distribution boards you’re using must be according to your need and must not exceed the number of connections over than the limited configuration of the board.

10. There should be a safety sign near a distribution board if possible.

In terms of safety, a distribution board is the prime source of power supply at your home and should be switched off immediately in terms of electric fluctuations or any other electrical hazard. They must be regularly inspected by electrical experts to ensure hassle-free power supply and safety.

Image Source : estore.finolex.com

Finolex distribution boards have all the safety and style features as mentioned above which makes them a favourite amongst electrical professionals. Finolex distribution boards constantly work in accordance with the standard electrical configurations and modern designs. Available in 4, 6, 8 and 12-way they are supplied with wire set fitted with earth bar, neutral bar, and wire ties.

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