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All you need to know about wall mounted fans


Fans or air circulators are an essential part of any home or facility. They provide quick and easy cooling in any situation. While most of us are familiar with ceiling fans, newer technology and added features have given rise to several varieties of fans – wall mounted fans being one of them.


A wall mounted fan is advisable when floor space is an issue. Wall-mounted fans work a little differently from ceiling fans. While a ceiling fan circulates air, wall-mounted fans push air around the area they are installed in. A ceiling fan only pushes the air down. By installing a wall-mounted fan, you will be able to save floor space, circulate air conditioning and add instant evaporative air movement.


Application of wall mounted fans:

There are several varieties of wall-mounted fans available for different applications. Let’s take an in depth look into the various applications of wall-mounted fans:


Homes and residential use

Closed areas like basements, home gyms, playrooms, etc. need powerful air circulation to avoid stuffiness. Small rooms with tightly packed spacing and furniture can present additional problems concerning ventilation. However, with a wall-mounted fan, you can generate sufficient air flow throughout the room including small spaces and tight corners.



Kitchens are the heart and soul of every home. While it is the area in the house where drool-worthy meals are prepared, it is also the one part of your home where you sweat the most. With overhead lights taking up considerable space in your ceiling, most homes will not have space for a ceiling fan. Put an end to feeling miserable in your kitchen by installing a wall-mounted fan. Place it about your cabinets or on the corner of one of the walls to create adequate circulation and ventilation.



Closed and tight working spaces like garages, workshops or sheds can quickly accumulate hot air. Besides, these spaces very often have limited floor space or an available window to install air conditioning. Things like workstation benches, parked vehicles, tools, etc. can impede table or pedestal fans. Such spaces can benefit from compact but powerful wall-mounted fans.


Patios and outdoor spaces

Patios and outdoor areas need not necessarily be only for homes. Restaurants, beach-front and commercial properties sometimes have open spaces designed for socialising and dining. However, not all these properties can have vast open spaces. Small outdoor areas can get heated quickly particularly if it caters to a large number of patrons. In this situation, a wall-mounted fans for outdoors can help keep temperatures down and provide much-needed circulation.



Greenhouses and indoor growing spaces need considerable air circulation and ventilation. These spaces have a lot of humidifiers and lighting to help plants grow. However, this also results in a lot of humid and moist air being trapped inside. An oscillating wall-mounted fan can help distribute air evenly to prevent drying in plants, mould and rot setting in.


Features of wall-mounted fans

If you’re trying to decide on the right fan to choose for your property, knowing the characteristics of the best wall fans will help you make a better choice. Some immediate features include the size, mounting arrangement, etc. Here are a few features you can look out for in your fan:


Size – This is the first feature to consider while opting for a wall-mounted fan. The size of your fan must be able to produce sufficient airflow and ventilation.


Build quality – The best wall fans are generally lightweight making them perfect for domestic use in homes and offices. However, for industrial properties, ensure you get a sturdier fan as domestic ones are likely to get damaged.


Oscillation – While oscillation in a wall-mounted fan is a must-have feature, look for fans where you have an option to turn it off. This way you can get your fan to blow air in a particular direction if needed.


Speeds – Speed control is an essential feature for your wall-mounted fan and one that you must pay attention to. If it is too fast, it might blow papers off your desk or will be too noisy. Too slow and there will be improper circulation of air. With multiple speed settings, you can set your fan to work according to the amount of distribution you need.


Remote control – Certain wall-mounted fans come with a remote control option. While this is not an absolute necessity, having a wall mounted fan with remote control can help in offices and commercial establishments. You can quickly turn your fans on and off and control speeds without manually operating it.


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