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Instant water heaters have been gaining in popularity today. They are compact in design and are energy efficient. Tankless water heaters heat water as needed instead of constantly heating a tank full of water like traditional water heaters. As a fact that the heater is not constantly running helps save a lot of energy. Proper installation and maintenance can increase the energy efficiency of your water heater. Consider these factors while installing a water heater.



The cost of the heater may vary according to type. For example, a tankless water heater is more expensive to install but annual operating costs are lower than traditional models. Do not make the mistake of just buying a water heater because it’s cheaper. Cost-efficiency does not lead to quality performance automatically. You can buy a lower price water heater that only causes you to pay more for repair and maintenance bills because of frequent installations.



Installation of an instant water heater saves up a lot of space as they are compact in size. A standard water heater requires a space of several square feet in diameter and height. A tankless water heater, however, is mounted on the wall and leaves plenty of space for you to use the extra space for storage or other use.


Energy Efficiency


Your water heater can provide you with hot water, but your energy bills may not be too good. Before you make a purchase, you must pay attention to the efficiency rate of a water heater. For instance, while conventional water heating has an efficiency rate of up to 60 percent, a tankless water heater has an efficiency rate of 95 percent. If your energy bills are too high, you should consider which type of water heater can provide hot water without increasing your bills.


Your hot water needs


You should think about your hot water needs before anything else as it is all about you want. The type of water heater that you install should correspond to the number of people and plumbing equipment at home. If you live alone, your needs for hot water will surely differ from those who live with family and have a wider range of hot water.


The type of water heater


There are different types of water heaters available on the market today. These types include tankless, traditional storage tank heaters, solar, and electrical. Each type offers different advantages. For example, if you buy a solar water heater, less fuel will be used to heat water and give you more energy efficiency.


Quality of the water heater plays an important role whether be it an electric water heater or a traditional one. A good quality heater can reduce your repair costs and provide you with smooth running. Finolex Cables offers a range of water heaters which are of high quality with value for money. Also, Finolex Storage Water Heaters are equipped with Blue Topaz Glass line enamel tank and a magnesium anode which offer ultimate protection against rust & corrosion.


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