• 31/ 05, 2019

It is safe to say that in today’s digital age, wired connections have taken a back seat. They are often synonymous with clutter and inconvenience, creating a mirage of limitations that tend to camouflage their benefits. However, when it comes to the aspect of functionality and security, wired broadband is still remains the best bet. Here’s all you need to know about wired broadband and how you can benefit from it.

What is a Wired Broadband?

Simply put, a wired connection is when two electrical commodities are connected through a wire or cable. Hence, as the name suggests, a wired broadband is when there is a physical connection between your network and the network of your internet service provider. This physical connection can be established through three types of wires and cables: DSL, fiber systems and coaxial cables. DSL also known as Digital Subscriber Line is a copper telephone line that brings in high bandwidth information to users. Fiber systems, on the other hand, consist of glass fiber strands over which optical signals are sent. Last but not least, coaxial cables are usually faster than DSL and are typically used by television companies. You can employ any of these cables in your property, with the help of a router, for unmatched broadband services. You can also check out our beginner’s guide to wiring your home for more insights.

Benefits of wired broadband

Contrary to popular belief, wired broadband offers a plethora of benefits. Few of them are discussed below:

Faster Download Speeds:

Upload Speed in layman terms can be defined as the rate in which data is shifted from ones computer to the Internet. Download Speed, on the other hand, is the rate at which data is shifted from the Internet to one’s computer. Using a wired broadband can help you download content or upload data at a much faster rate when compared to a wireless connection. Fast upload and download speeds is one of the biggest factors of differentiation between a wired and wireless network, making the former the most-preferred type of internet connection in both residential and commercial developments.

Safety and Security:

Wired broadband services are considered to be much safer than wireless connections. Your data and private information are more secure from hackers when connected to a wired broadband. This is primarily because multiple devices are remotely connected to the same network in a wireless broadband connection, making them susceptible to data theft all at once. This is one of the key influential factors for financial firms to choose between a wired and wireless network and opt for wired broadband for top-notch confidentiality.

Lower Latency:

Latency can be defined as the amount of time it takes for data to move between the source and its final destination. It is generally measured in milliseconds. Wired broadband offers the unmatched benefit of lower latency as a domino effect of the high upload and download speeds. This is especially useful for online gaming as a lower latency rate leads to lower lag in the game which, in turn, leads to a better gaming experience.

No Interference

A wired broadband connection is subjected to less interference when compared to a wireless connections. Wireless connections can be interrupted by a bunch of different signals including your neighbor’s network and objects which block the signal. They can also weaken depending on the distance from the modem. Wired Connections are more stable will not suffer random interruptions.

Triple-play network

Wired broadband offers the benefit of subscribing to a triple-play network in which voice, video and data can be enabled through a single connection. In other words, this network provides the triple advantage of telephonic services, cable TV and high-speed internet. The biggest USP of this network in the available of ample bandwidth even during the peak hours of usage. Typically, a triple-play network uses a fiber optic cable as the transmission medium, checking the boxes of security, speed and convenience – all at the same time!

Convenient in its own way

With so many benefits in place, it is safe to say that wired broadband connections are convenient in their own way depending on the way they are used. Firstly, they are the best type of connections for commercial developments who cannot compromise on security of their data. Secondly, they offer the convenience of speed, making them the go-to mode of connection for online gamers. Thirdly, they can also provide wholesome family entertainment with little-to-loading time. All you need to do is connect your smart TV with a wired broadband connection and you will never have to wait for your favourite programs to load ever. You can also read our blog on how to choose the right speaker wires for your home theatre system to take your entertainment game up a notch. To sum it up, a wired broadband connection maybe an old school technique but it still favored amongst a large group of people. Looking for top quality wires and cables? Finolex has got you covered with the latest products.

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