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Understanding the basics of electrical wiring and circuit components used in a household is not that complicated. A thorough understanding of how electrical wiring and switchgear components function is essential. The most common parts are electrical wiring and components of a circuit. It is important to understand these parts to make it easier for you to use electricity in a trouble-free manner. The voltage and frequency of power supply differ from one country to another. Power is supplied by a service cable consisting of two cables known as Live (L) and Neutral (N) cables in conjunction with the voltage and frequency regulations of your country. Let’s concentrate on some electrical parts that you can often see at home. Distribution Board   The distribution board is an easy to notice electrical part. It consists of three more electrical components
  • Main Switch (MCCB–Molded Case Circuit Breaker)
  • Circuit Breakers (CBs)
  • Trip Switch (RCCB- Residual Current Circuit Breaker)
As the name suggests, the distribution board distributes electricity to parts of the house. These sections include fan circuits, light circuits, and plug socket circuits. The Live Wire in each of these circuits is connected to a circuit breaker. Finolex Cables have a wide range of distribution boards. E.g.: They have a 4 way/8 way/12way TPN single door vertical, 12way TPN double door horizontal, 4way SPN single door distribution board. MCB Miniature circuit breakers are one of the main types of breaker which are widely used in households. They are fitted in place of fuses in the newer consumer units. They have the advantage of being able to reset manually without replacing the wire, as in the case of the conventional fuse. The MCBs are equipped with either a button or lever to reset it. The MCB tripping indicates either that the circuit was overloaded or that somewhere in the system a short circuit has occurred. Before the MCB is reset, it is crucial to determine what caused it to trip. All connected devices to the circuit should be switched off so that it is not overloaded. It is important to switch off the main switch placed on the consumer unit if any fault is observed in MCB. Restore the MCB by pressing the button or clicking the lever. Finolex Cables SnappTrip offers a wide range of MCBs provide higher breaking capabilities and offer close accurate and reliable protection against overload and short-circuit. RCCB Like a fuse, the primary goal of the Trip Switch is to protect people and electrical appliances. RCCB is an electrical switch designed to suddenly and automatically interrupt a circuit. It is not a fuse, but a circuit breaker type commonly referred to as a Trip switch and technically as RCCB (Residual Current Circuit Breaker). Trip Switch helps you several times in comparison to a fuse. Electric current from the main switch connects via Live & Neutral wires to the Trip Switch. If any house circuit fails, this switch opens (trip) automatically and disconnects the power supply. Also, the trip switch comes with a test button that allows you to check whether it works as expected. The Finolex Cables have a range of 30 mA /100 mA/300mA rating RCCBs that are of superior quality and guarantee a long service life. A product of good quality increases the lifespan and reduces regular repair expenses. It also ensures a security guarantee. Finolex Cables are renowned for their product quality and strong safety in the market.

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