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The bathroom is your sanctuary, a room where you are completely yourself and resort to when you need to feel rejuvenated and revive your spirits. Most people underestimate the need to beautify bathrooms. It’s more than just a space for performing your daily ablutions. It’s a safe space that needs enough care and dedication the way your bedroom or living room would demand. Your dream home needs to keep up with its dreaminess all around. Necessities aside, your bathroom has the potential to make it the best part of your home. Beyond tiles, bathroom lighting can enhance your mood and set the tone for the rest of the day. With plenty of lighting options to choose from, the perfect bathroom is just one switch away.

Here are some terrific bathroom lighting solutions that would take your dream home to the next level.

Come up with a lighting plan:

Devising a creative bathroom lighting plan sounds easier than it looks. Look at it from the design and convenience perspective. Know that there are three types of lighting to bear in mind while coming up with the plan.

– Ambient Lighting:

This lighting is the base lighting of the entire bathroom, which generally lights the whole room up. This lighting is what old bathrooms have and aren’t specifically catering to any particular lighting needs.

– Accent Lighting:

This kind of lighting falls under design and appearance perspective. This is where extra costs may come up but it’s all worth the effort as you are trying to show off specific parts of your bathroom. These lights are usually reserved to show off either wall, the tiles, or the shower basin. These lights add layers to the whole bathroom.

– Task Lighting:

This kind of lighting is specific to the tasks you perform in the bathroom. For instance, the bathroom mirror area would warrant different lighting that enhances your appearance and hence, you set-up vanity lights there. Task lights are also for other areas such as the shower or bathtub to help you perform your function with ease.

Go for modern lights:

Back in the past, bathroom lights were the least prioritized fitting. Most wouldn’t think twice before buying one, usually going for the fuss-free single zero-watt bulb or mini tube lights that barely give the whole bathroom a flattering appearance. Modern lights include ceiling lamps, LED tube lights and bulbs, wall lamps, LED wall lights, bathroom sensor lights, wall sconces, built-in lights, and others. LEDs being a current favourite is now being installed in every new house, making fluorescent tube lights a thing of the past.

Start from the ceiling, and bear your bathroom’s tiles and fixtures in mind before zeroing on the lights. For ceiling light designs, take a cue from your house’s overall design. If your bathroom’s fixtures are a little vintage, then merge it with a tinge of modernism. But keep the lighting warm, leaving no shadows and one that illuminates every dark space in the bathroom. .

Go for modern lights:

Jazzing up your bathroom with tiles and shiny fixtures can get expensive, but you can save money by resorting to cheaper methods for lighting. Modern lighting is all about going the natural way during the day and going for minimal-yet-effective solutions once darkness falls, a solution that isn’t too pricey and one that helps save energy just like LEDs.

Installing light dimmers in bathrooms adjusts voltage capacity, saves energy and gives you full control over your light. For instance, right on the cusp of nightfall, you use the bathroom where twilight falls yet it’s not enough. With dimmers, you can adjust accordingly and save up to 98 percent of your electrical energy. They don’t come with typical off/on switches. Instead, you use a knob to adjust the lighting that suits your preference.

Adopt good lighting for dressing up:

For those wanting to perfect their appearance and transform their bathroom into the perfect make-up room, then fit bulbs all around your mirror to avoid shadows under your eyes and also give you a full overview of how you look and how you can look better. These lights are called vanity lights, a perfect powder lighting idea for those wanting an edgy look. For this kind of lighting, you typically install 3-4 bulbs around the mirror for the sole purpose of giving you a better look at yourself.

These days, there are LED bars that can be attached around the mirror. However, avoid adding a light above the mirror as it can cast heavy shadows under your eyes and chin making you look older than usual. For sconces and wall lights, ensure it’s mounted at eye-level so that the light doesn’t bounce off your face. Feel better about yourself and go ahead take that perfect mirror selfie!

Experiment with colorful tones:

With innovative lighting features in LED lights, setting up your bathroom matching your mood or tone has gotten easier. Not only does it add colour to the bathroom, but it also turns your bathroom into a hospitable environment that lets you be yourself. Cool hues in your bathroom would be perfect for that shower post a heavy day at work, calming your nerves with the moving colours. Similarly, setting up warmer tones makes your bathroom stylish and aesthetically appealing. You can experiment with other tones, too, such as purple that adds a glamorous touch to the whole setting.

Don’t go overboard:

With lighting, one can easily get carried away especially considering the number of choices out there. While it can be fun to transform your bathroom into the ultimate rejuvenating zone and dressing area, there’s a thin line between making it look tawdry and over-the-top. The key is to make it simple and one that seamlessly blends with your overall décor style. There’s no point in forcing a particular lighting theme when the decors are too minimal or vintage. Avoid loud and harsh lights as it would completely put you off. Simple, warm modern lights are minimal and are made in such a way that even if your bathroom is too straightforward, the lighting fixes it all.

Ultimately, choosing the perfect bathroom lighting requires a lot of intricate planning but the results are truly fulfilling. For an exclusive range in LED lights, head out to Finolex and build that dreamy bathroom!

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