• 22/ May, 2019

Brilliant lighting ideas for hotels using LED light strips

Light-emitting diodes, popularly known as LEDs, have revolutionized the lighting industry. LEDs are the most efficient form of lighting when compared to the traditional form of lighting like filament bulbs and halogen lamps. LEDs tend to burn light 90 percent more efficiently when compared to incandescent bulbs. The versatility of LEDs with their compact space has made them an emerging lighting trend for hotels.  As LEDs burn more efficiently, the power consumption is lesser which means a lower electricity bill for hotel owners. Why should hotels switch to LED lighting? LEDs, being a greener way of lighting, are helpful in reducing the overall carbon footprint. Places like hotels require a generous amount of very good quality lighting. This makes LEDs a perfect choice for the hospitality industry. Using them in hotels can improve the overall ambience of the place while also being low maintenance and improving energy consumption significantly. A major factor which can make hotels hesitant to shift to LEDs is the overall cost associated with the transition. The initial investment for LEDs is more than that of fluorescent or incandescent lights, however, the overall cost is lower because of the extended life and energy efficiency. Apart from being a greener, cost-effective alternative, LEDs also give hotels a huge opportunity to experiment with their lighting and ambience. Here are a few creative LED lighting ideas that hotels can use to brighten up their interiors.
  1. Flexible room lighting
Lighting in hotel rooms is the most important factor for any guest staying at the hotel. The intensity and hue of the lighting can have a huge impact on a guest’s overall experience in their room. This is why the lighting used in hotel rooms needs to be flexible: one room but with many purposes. The lighting should be in a manner where it is comfortable to work as well as unwind at the end of a tiring day. LED lights can be used for all of these purposes, making it one of the most versatile options for hotels. With their flattering glow, LED lights also make for flawless bathroom selfies that guests will love!
  1. Well-lit common area
The common area of the hotel needs to be well-lit at all times because it is an access point for everyone in the hotel. Bright lighting that also looks elegant can set the tone for a guest’s experience in the hotel and will create a strong first impression. The color of the light also plays a big role in this; a bright yellow is warmer and more welcoming than a stark white light. LED lights come in a variety of color options and intensities. This gives hotels a lot of room to play around with their lighting in common areas like the reception and restaurant.
  1. Design Element
LEDs have a very compact design when compared to other types of lighting. This compact design allows the lighting component to be used as a design element. In hotels, interiors are of utmost importance and they also add to the overall appeal of the hotel. By being able to incorporate LEDs into the interior design of the hotel, interior designers can work on a host of creative ideas which can be unique to the hotel. This adds to the exclusivity of the hotel as well. A simple LED light bar that sits flush within the wall can instantly add a minimalist, elegant charm to a hotel.
  1. Diverse lighting for events
Each event has a theme and that theme requires a specific type of lighting or sometimes even a specific type of color. Gone are the days when a thin colored film was put in front of the light to project the required color. With the help of LEDs, multiple colors can be projected from a single stripe. This not only makes it versatile but also cost effective because there is no need to have separate lights for each color. Instead, there can be one light element which can project different colors. LED lights are also an excellent landscape decoration technique as they can withstand most weather conditions and are durable.
  1. Ambient lighting
Be it cars, homes or theatres, ambient lighting has become an essential when it comes to interior lighting. Ambient lighting helps in lifting the mood and makes the place more welcoming. It is an absolute necessity in hotels because it adds to the overall ambience of the hotel, be it a room or a hall. Ambient lighting can be even more effective if it can be personalized; the color of the light can be changed according to the mood of the person or even for festive season lighting. The best part about ambient lighting is that it can be used for a variety of things like hallways, photographs, rooms and even a mild reading light. Using LED lights is a wonderful way for hotels to improve a guest’s experience while simultaneously becoming more environmentally sustainable. Finolex LED lighting offers a wide range of versatile lighting options for hotels to take their interior design to the next level.

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