• 26/Sept, 2018

Ceiling fan repair hacks that nobody will tell you

The most common appliance in any Indian household is the ceiling fan. A must-have, and needed in all-weather conditions, especially during Indian summers. Like with all appliances, there is always a wear and tear. Regular maintenance, repairs, parts replacement or even complete replacements may occur. Would it not be great if all appliances once installed continue to perform as intended to, without any break-down… Wishful Thinking!

So, your ceiling fan stopped working or is not working the way it is supposed to. There could be multiple reasons. To do the first level troubleshooting and possibly a DIY (Do It Yourself) repair, let us first familiarise ourselves with the major parts of a ceiling fan. The heart of the ceiling fan is its motor from where its blades rotate. The next part and the most important one is its capacitor. It is connected to the motor to give the initial torque. You then have the blades which are the most visible parts of the ceiling fan. And finally, you have the downrod which connects the main body of the fan and to the ceiling hook.

Let us look at the most common issues and what one can do to resolve them.

The fan does not rotate

Eliminate power supply issues. First, check if the circuit breaker is on and that it is receiving electrical power. Reset it by switching it off and on. Switch on the fan again. If it still does not start, use a voltage tester and confirm power supply is reaching the fan motor. If that is an issue, check for faulty switch or regulator which can be replaced. If all is working and the issue persists, more than often, the capacitor needs replacing. If this does not start the fan, the winding and motor are most likely to have problems. They either need to be repaired or replaced.

Makes more noise than normal or is wobbly when in use.

First, ensure that the canopy is not touching the fan motor housing. Fasten the blade screws if loose. A good idea would be to dust the blade surface, especially on the top. Rebalance the fan blades if required. You may need to replace one or all the blades in case of damage. If none of these have helped in eliminating the extra noise or the wobble, it is probably the bearings that have worn out and they need to be lubricated or replaced.

Speed issues

Once you have eliminated that the issue is not with the regulator by checking manually, it is likely that the capacitor needs to be replaced. Purchase the similar kind and replace it by disconnecting the old one and reconnecting the new one. This is simple and even a layperson can manage this.

Now since we are more aware of the possible issues and resolutions for them, we can quickly resolve and repair a ceiling fan. And if you need to replace your ceiling fan, view the stunning range for your unique requirement available in three segments namely, ‘Luxury’, ‘Style’ and ‘Smart’.  The ceiling fan range boasts of “High Air Delivery” and “Noiseless” performance. Check them out for yourself HERE.

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