• 28/ Dec, 2018

Colour therapy treatment: All you need to know about colour lighting


Colours are one of the rarest blessings of nature. They are also one of the most important happiness-inducing factors in anybody’s life. They have an enormous power to enlighten and brighten our minds and surroundings. Most people don’t know the power of colours in healing diseases which is commonly called as colour therapy. To add to that, there is a correlation between colours and LED lighting. So, it is highly imperative to understand various colour therapy techniques that could change your mood and heal your soul.

Here are a few important aspects that you should keep in mind before incorporating colour therapy treatment in your home lighting solutions.

Warm Lights

The colour of a light is synonymous with its colour temperature. Before you decide on the types of lights for your home, it is important to understand their colour temperature. Warm lights have a colour temperature ranging from 2700K to3000K. They appear to be more natural in the evenings.  Additionally, they are sleep-inducing agents helping us to relax and unwind after a long and hectic schedule.  Also, because of its soft and delicate nature, they are an ideal option to light up a rustic and classic space. Bedrooms are an ideal location for using warm lights. The colour temperature of the light emitted during sunrise and sunsets also falls under the range of warm lights. These are the reddish or yellowish lights found in incandescent lamps. You can also use small white fluorescent bulbs to light up your rooms in the evening. Warm white LEDs also have the power to add a hint of red and yellow tones in your homes.

Neutral Lights

The colour temperature of neutral lights ranges from 3300K to 5300K. Shades of white are synonymous with neutral lights. Since the colour texture of neutral lights is closer to that of natural lights, it is most compatible against light wall paints. An appropriate location for using neutral lights could be the kitchen as it contains metals like stainless steel. Additionally, these lights have the ability to create a wintery vibe in the living room. Also, these can be an excellent option for offices with contemporary spaces. The intensity of light produced by neutral light bulbs are greater than warm lights. Hence, these are much brighter and exhibit a greater level of detail towards the elements of a room.

Cold Lights

Cold lights come under the colour temperature range of 5300K to 6500K. These can emit colours ranging from cool white to blue shades. Metal iodide lamps are an excellent example of a cold light source. Normally, cold lights are described as intense, sharp and heavy. These help in highlighting the most important features of neat and well-maintained spaces. For this reason, these can be fused into designing lights for public spaces such as malls, supermarkets, multiplexes, hospitals, tech parks and airports. Cold lights also provide consistency and efficiency to these spaces. When it comes to housing needs, cold lighting can be incorporated as one of the colour therapy techniques into study rooms, bathrooms and office spaces within a residential complex.

The colour and the nature of the lights used in a room has a huge impact on its look and feel. So, if you want to create a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere then choose warm lights, if you are looking for details then choose cold lights or if you prefer something subtle, simple and elegant, go for neutral lights. Also, remember to incorporate colour therapy treatment with LED lights which are branded and are of a superior quality such a Finolex LED lights.  You can also read our blogs on the advantages of LED lighting for more insights.

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