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Table fans offer adequate and affordable cooling for a smaller area. There was a time when various fans were often replaced by air conditioning. But today, they are making a comeback as they are convenient, low- cost and have a beautiful design compared to air conditioners. Table fans are stylish and portable which makes them easier to be placed anywhere in the house. However, you have to perform regular maintenance of your table fan to keep it running smoothly. If you do not care properly, not only will you experience a significant decrease in its cooling power, but you may also have to spend a good amount on fixing it.

Let us take a quick and easy look at how can you maintain your table fan.

You will need – Handheld vacuum, mild soap, lint-free cloth, ordinary cloth, and water.

A step-by-step maintenance guide to ensure your table fan lasts longer

    • First, turn off the source of electricity. In order to prevent any electrical mishap, the table fan must be disconnected from the electrical source.
    • The next step is to vacuum the vents. The vents in the motor housing on the back of the fan must be cleaned using a handheld vacuum. This step is required to ensure that the air flows into the motor.
    • After this process, the next step is to remove the fan grill. Make sure you check the fan’s model before starting the procedure. If you have a fan that assembles the grill with the help of screws then you’ll need a screwdriver. On the other hand, if the table fan has the grills in place through mobile brackets, you have to unclip them.
    • Next, you must clean your regular or rechargeable table fan blades and soak the grill. In a tub full of warm soapy water, you can soak the grill and save some time. This helps remove all accumulated dust before cleaning the blades.
    • The next step is to wipe your fan’s external parts with a regular cloth. Use a lint-free cloth to remove any extra dust from your fan base and area around it as you wait for the grill and blades to dry.
    • After this, reassemble all parts of the table fan. You only have to do this after the grill and blades have completely dried out. This procedure should be repeated regularly. Regardless of whether the price of table fans is high or low, you can do this at least once a month to ensure durability. Also, to keep the dust at bay, use a handheld vacuum.

Although maintenance of the table fan is not a hard job, it is essential to do it correctly. This simple step-by-step guide to maintaining your table fan can help ease your job and expand the life of the fan. Finolex offers a range of table fans which have an Aerodynamically balanced blade and elegantly designed switch boxes. They are available in bother high and normal speed.

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